World Champion Magnus Carlsen Plays Bullet Vs. “IM Sebinhoo” | Office Jam

This time I am taking on a fellow employee, IM Sebastian Mihajlov! Do you think he can score perhaps the biggest upset in the history of bullet chess?

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  1. Trash talk king is our AD but maggi is not bad

  2. Great play from that Carlsen fellow.
    I reckon he might get quite good at chess if he persists !

  3. it is a rare case where we see moves like king e3f2 to e3d4 2:32

  4. The pieces spent more time horizontally than vertically

  5. I am surprised to see Sebastian so quiet! 😂

  6. Tiy are the Airton Senna of chess. Unbeatably fast.

  7. More of this sir, please,,,, very enjoyable, love it

  8. Hi cool chess player your best chess player

  9. Shout out Magnus
    "Be careful with the clock"
    12:05am here in Philippines!!!

  10. Make your another match with the girl i want to see hiw giod she plays

  11. Who's that lady ? She is Beautiful 😀🔥

  12. Don't know a ton about chess, but this was entertaining. Always been a big Magnus fan!

  13. That was awesome! You can talk S#!7 with the best of um! 🙂

  14. Магнус как всегда велик и могуч!

  15. This guy: Crushed chessboard***
    Magnus: Let's play in our mind

  16. Want to see these types of more ur videos than the tournaments

  17. That clock be like: "Mai madarchod hu jo isme aaya"

  18. Magnus is the kind of chess player whose trash talk is also adorable

  19. Its great seeing magnus talking, usually we dont see him talk much

  20. This trash talking is the new friendly communication.

  21. That awkward silence at the end tells that magnus was pleased to be saved by the bell!

  22. OTB bullet is just insanity. So much better suited to online.

  23. Wait, was that Aryan Tari and no one mentioned that he was sitting there the whole time!

  24. Magnus still didn't lost the habit of playing with other players pieces after killing them and even reseting the board after winning😂👏

  25. This is the oddest setup ever. They're both reaching over the board for the clock, when instead they should be in opposite seats with the clock on their favored hands.

  26. Magnus has the role of commentator as well, since no one else would be fast enough to even keep up…

  27. How can they be sooooo goood? I got lost after move 2!

  28. I dont understand. They say this is a turnament chess board or whatever but the pieces always fly in a bullet competition. Would have been better a wood board with classic wood chess pieces? I only play on a wood chess board when i play since it feels more natural.

  29. Honestly speaking it doesn't matter whether it's hikaru or this dude with the white pieces Magnuson is the king of the bullets.

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