World Champion Magnus Carlsen Plays Bullet Vs. “IM Sebinhoo” | Office Jam

This time I am taking on a fellow employee, IM Sebastian Mihajlov! Do you think he can score perhaps the biggest upset in the history of bullet chess?

Improving your tactic skills is a great way to get better at bullet! You can do so with our app, Tactics Frenzy!




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  1. They are not fast my eyes are slow (trying to convince my self with this for the whole day!)

  2. looks like Tari is happy again after his loss. i think magnus took him out for a good ice cream sundae after the loss to cheer him up 🙂

  3. Great game! You should post some more! haha

  4. I am so used to being no sound during chess games other than the sound pieces being moved that this was really weird for me to watch lol

  5. Yasser Seirawan would have been proud of this game.

  6. I didn't know that magnus could trash talk and play at the same time so fast

  7. I play that same variation against Benoni

  8. Now we see why these games are better online….how many times did that King get laid down on accident?

  9. I just want to see magnus vs nihal in bullet chess

  10. The man is playing Magnus Carlsen, so..😂

  11. Magnus sir upload more videos else Anish giri's content will overtake you on YouTube😂😂😂

  12. Hola magnus. Te saludo desde Quilmes Argentina ( cerveza Quilmes ). También la ciudad del maravilla Martínez.

  13. Io no ci ho capito una beneamata fava …… Ahahahhahaahahahahaha

  14. I like your attitude magnus, YOU are the head of your company! Do things exactly how YOU want! Also please save the nature.

  15. Even if was an average player, he would still have the greatest chess mentality of all time <3

  16. If this had been in a park in NYC all those knocked over pieces would have floated into advantageous squares

  17. That move 2:41
    "WHERE SHOULD I PUT THIS FUCKING ROOK? you know what? let me throw it into the space"

  18. Did anyone notice that the starting position of the board is set up incorrectly (according to the rank and the file labels on the board)?
    Magnus is playing black with his pieces on the 1st and 2nd rank, and his king starts on d1 .

  19. It is talking, saying and winning which is playing to win. It is a match or competition. It is either luck or talent.

    And lastly it is success or failure to succeed. So achievement is important and has been almost sure. It brings glory for all those who will need it.

  20. Sir please upload Magnus(2016) …..please it's a request…..

  21. I cannot understand the game from like move no. 1

  22. It's not chess. May be you can call it wrestling

  23. Ngl, magnus should play with other big names(online adoption or something) to gain more clout on youtube. Everybody know magnus but a few know he has a youtube channel.

  24. Chess is such an advanced game and with such a big audience that i find it irritating how they haven't moved to robotic boards for example with some type of keyboard/screen interface for the players to skyrocket such modes of the game.

  25. Que bonito tablero Masters 🔝👏🏻✌🏻

  26. and the people watching are there for what again???

  27. I think Magnus should face to Tsschessumare, the "God of Chess".

  28. I can hear the Game Clock screaming OUCH a hundred times.

  29. for understanding the moves watch this at 0.75 speed or slower than that

  30. Nice to hear from you Magnus.
    Entertaining interaction.

  31. algun latino por aqui que le guste ver a magnus ?

  32. These are some of the funniest chess videos. I want a whole series of his 1 min physical games.

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