World Champion Magnus Carlsen Plays Bullet Vs. “IM Sebinhoo” | Office Jam

This time I am taking on a fellow employee, IM Sebastian Mihajlov! Do you think he can score perhaps the biggest upset in the history of bullet chess?

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  1. 1 0 is so ridiculous. Of course these guys play it better than I play 10 0 so to me it's still amazing to watch!

  2. The chess board was inverted lol black pieces are on white should be initialy

  3. Playing against Magnus is a dream come troo

  4. "He's confused, look at him!"

    Yeah… He's not the only one

  5. Girl : Babe, are you comin over?
    Me : Honey, I can't, I'm playing chess.
    Girl : I'm home alone.

    Me :

  6. No masks and they shake hands afterwards, does covid-19 exist where they are?

  7. Magnus has enough room in his brain to play bullet and talk at the same time.

  8. where can I get the chess set that I see people use in the tournaments, every chess set I see that's wooden or something similar is not quite what I see in the tournament videos.

  9. Lol😂😂 never knew Carlsen is such a funny guy, n such good English 😂💓

  10. Chessclocks are produced to be beaten by some man calling themselves chessmasters to beat an innocent clock.

  11. I played the video and went out to throw the trash and came back to see the game ended.

  12. Here to appreciate the level headed commentry within a level headed bullet game..❤️

  13. Nice game but who's that guy at the right? HAHAHA

  14. 🤣🤣 I want to see Magnus comment another games

  15. Among all the athletes in all sports, Carlsen is probably the best trash talker 😂

  16. Main difference between Magnus and me: he drops pieces literally, I drop them metaphorically

  17. LOL the ending, that king has knight powers 😎

  18. magnus you need to come to coffee chess in disguise 😜😜😜

  19. Eeeeepta там сзади Тари сидит, вот красава

  20. That was great to see him talking and threatening his opponent by saying his moves & also killing him on board 😂

  21. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    nice 🙂 i love chess alot not less than
    football ♥

  22. I guess even Magnus being trash talker . It doesn't work facing stockfish jaja

  23. i love how he distracted him with his trash talk hahahahaha just amazing

  24. I dont think Magnus Carlsen is really "good" at trash talking

  25. Like two moves in and I'd just be crying in the corner

  26. He can control game in very fast move..

  27. The queens gambit brought me here and guess what Elizabeth is not no 1 in the world 😂

  28. psychologist: The magnus trash talker doesn't exist he can't hurt you

    the magnus trash talker:

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