World Champion Magnus Carlsen Plays Bullet Vs. “IM Sebinhoo” | Office Jam

This time I am taking on a fellow employee, IM Sebastian Mihajlov! Do you think he can score perhaps the biggest upset in the history of bullet chess?

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  1. Everybody: Talks about the game
    Me: "Didn't they wear a mask?"

  2. Magnu visitanos aqui en republica dominicana

  3. Is it against the rules to hit the clock using the other hand? I mean they're moving the pieces and hitting the clock using the same hand which seemed so inefficient considering the limited-time nature of the game.

  4. What's the name of the female in the group

  5. Me gusta el ajedrez. Saludos desde Quito- Ecuador.

  6. So funny! Magnus is a Inspiration 😍

  7. Is it me, or Magnus sounded like Wilson, the chess hustler who played against Maurice Ashley?

  8. If I somehow manage to pick up the king from the board would they notice it that there is no king to be mated ?😂

  9. How the hell do you keep up with that in real time. Confused as anything

  10. After all these years and games, Magnus still having fun

  11. people that do 1 min is crazy like i cant even caculate where the peacies with that much time

  12. This is the first time I ever heard Carlsen speak English. I never imagined that he sounded like this. I thought someone was doing a voiceover.

  13. 1 min chess is not good to watch or play. We don't even see which piece is where.

  14. Wow, we need more of this magnus the hustler type of content

  15. Can you imagine the face that Nakamura would make, if Carlsen spoke to him throughout the game like that? , they cling to blows for sure hahahaha

  16. my reaction the same as those 3 people who were watching

  17. New trick. Play fast. Drop pieces. Pick em back up in a new spot to gain advantage.

  18. Haha! I honestly couldn’t even keep track of what was happening. I just see pieces falling over. 😂

  19. itu catur apa dam daman

  20. And nobody cares about the starting position? Kings on the D file and queens on the E?

  21. It would be better if they had Siri or Alexa listen to them say their moves instead they could probably play faster

  22. 2:32 White king from g3 to e4 in two seconds and two movements lol

  23. ”Push it, push it baby! He’s confused! The guy is completely flustered”
    What can I say…

  24. When it's the World Grand Master I don't really think time comes into it that much. Time doesn't matter. You could give Carlsen one eighth of your time and he'd still, laugh, destroy you and laugh at you again.

  25. damn now i ynderstand why they call it "bullet chess"

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