World Champion Magnus Carlsen Plays Bullet Vs. “IM Sebinhoo” | Office Jam

This time I am taking on a fellow employee, IM Sebastian Mihajlov! Do you think he can score perhaps the biggest upset in the history of bullet chess?

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  1. Magnus: Taking the bishop but is he gonna be fast enough?

    Sebastien: Mops the floor with the rook

  2. Even with a king moves this fast cannot beat Magnus! : D

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  4. push it,push it baby
    by carlsen saved my 2020 lmaooo

  5. If you watch closely in 0.25x speed, you'll still have no idea how they're playing

  6. I'd never heard him talk that fast, nvm playing that fast

  7. How Magnis, can you speak the whole time and play 😉 Fabulous ! Chris from Germany

  8. Bullet chess is really at home on the internet more so than the chess board

  9. Fun fact : they need a new time watch after each match

  10. Magnus calson i hava a quecion for you ? What is your IQ ?

  11. these pieces need some magnets in the bottom or something to keep them from falling over lol

  12. It is pretty amazing how Magnus is just casually trash talking while playing great chess to defend against him especially with the time so low

  13. 2:06 *magnus tripping Sebinho's rook

    Magnus : "tripping over his rook and confusing him that's always good strategy"

  14. I can't think that fast or even move that fast. I struggle badly at 5 minute chess!

  15. Magnus is a god for being able to trash talk while playing 😂 and throwing in a little bit of pep talks in there for himself too haha

  16. Magnus is ches king of the all time 🙋💖💓💗✌️👍

  17. Commentator while seeing lightning fast game: why am I here? Just to suffer

  18. If you close your eyes and just listen it sounds like xvideos

  19. Magnus dari samping aku liat mirip Winter Soldier. Dari depan mirip Thor anjir 😂 ganteng.

  20. So how many illegal movies were played here?

  21. The mic was first kept for commentary, but she knew she just couldn't…

  22. Just as I imagined. bullet chess is extremely embarressing over the board. 😀

  23. Isn't it over when you lay your king down 3 times?

  24. Magnificent posture is shown by the chess world champion!

  25. Magnus gf : baby, you been so fast with me
    Magnus: you have no Idea how fast I can be 😎

  26. Welp he is now street gangsta magnum carlos

  27. I still don't understand
    Is it legal in OTB game, to move any piece before your opponent hit the clock ?

    Please answer

  28. Come on though half the pieces were knocked over or not even on the right spots at times. Better playing bullet chess on virtual.

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