Winning Bullet Brawl!! | Daniel Naroditsky Claims VICTORY | 4.5 to 1.5 vs Hikaru! | GM Games

I highlight all the GM games in the bullet brawl in this video.

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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Edited by @ClydeBarber (check out some of my original music on YT)

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  1. Amazing bullet play Danya and also your music playlist is good vibes 🤘🏼

  2. Does anyone have a link to any of the music playlists danya has in the bg of the video?

  3. Amazing Danya. I feel so blessed I'm able to watch very strong players like yourself play… hoping I can get a fraction of your skill someday. Cheers

  4. The laid-back music combined with the hat and the stressful bullet is just too much at 20:53 haha!

  5. Danya is quickly becoming the main boss of bullet brawl! I'm glad he has a chance to shine in the format where he's strongest.

  6. Is Danya getting better or is hikaru getting worse?

  7. Danya on his way to become the Bullet Chess Champion

  8. Absolutely impressive! Super Daniel. Good luck

  9. What's with all the people in chat getting so critical there at the end? Surely, we all watched the same bullet brawl full of tough matches.

  10. The way you can see the mouse shaking after he gets into Time crunch against Hikaru hahahaha

  11. Does anyone know the bgm at the baku boulevard games?

  12. 10:37 I had no idea up until c-b, but this is the exact game on Sasha's youtube channel I remember really liking, during this exact tourney hahahah damn!

  13. Im a huge fan of danya but i do wonder if he takes stimulants

  14. This music was banging, so was the chess, loved it Danya

  15. Winning in a hotel room. Impressive.

  16. Should put out the unedited stream. Want to see him winning games fast and easy also.

  17. anyone got a clip of Hikaru’s stream? Would love to see his tilted expression at the end of this 😂

  18. Danya asks at 26min who Hikaru is getting. Lmao. Hikaru was complaining about his pairings all the way. Good to see you guys battle.

  19. Unbelievable how resiliant these top players are.

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