Winning Bullet Brawl!! | Daniel Naroditsky Claims VICTORY | 4.5 to 1.5 vs Hikaru! | GM Games

I highlight all the GM games in the bullet brawl in this video.

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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Edited by @ClydeBarber (check out some of my original music on YT)

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  1. Really like the thumbnail haha. Your drive continues to inspire me Danya!

  2. Danya saves the piece and wins the game 🥳🥳🥳 And then beats Hikaru 😃 Danya should swear in Russian when he loses 😆

  3. Came for the music, stayed for the chess

  4. Love when you spoil the result! Definitely makes me want to watch the entire video!

  5. Finally!!!!! Ive been waiting for this for a while… Danya really is the most entertaining stramer………Ok aurguably.

  6. So happy for you . Lovely performance, while being on a holiday with a weak internet connection.

  7. Thank you for the video.

    I really dislike the music. At least it is too loud. But I'd prefer voice only

  8. Who is Indianlad? And is he really that salty about losing that he needs to "punish" Danya by letting his timer go to zero before he resigns? Doesn't he know that he would be streaming and everybody in the chess world would see his character?

  9. I wonder how many tears and what the excuses he had after this.

  10. At 10:40 I wonder how neither of the grandmasters realized that's a huge blunder, awesome perfomance though!

  11. A bit sad that the games where he crushes regular people on the board didn't make the cut. Personally, I find them quite entertaining to watch.

  12. Let's gooo Danya, this was such a chill video. Liked the choice of background music. Props on the results!

  13. Why don't you upload all your streams on here?

  14. I have no hope of calculating remotely fast enough to understand the positions at any depth, but it’s fun as well to watch my favorite player crush the best players in the world. Huge ups and long may it continue!

  15. Danya's play was beautiful all the way throughout here, especially against Hikaru, but I also want to say Andrew's queen trap at 24:46 is a work of art!

  16. what is this music playlist/genre, it would be fire study music

  17. Not only is Danya simply better than Hikaru at bullet- but also teaching. I mean have you seen Naka’s attempts at educating? 😂

  18. Congratulations Danya 🔥👏 You are my favourite bullet player ❤️ Love to watch you play 👑😍🥰

  19. W thumbnail💀

    You are so very relatable in many ways. I hope you get the credit in subs, views and likes you deserve

  20. Danya Can you share your mouse dpi in bullletches?

  21. I need this music playlist please help 🙏🏻

  22. How blessed we are to have this man as our chess coach.

  23. Music is a bit loud in this but I'm digging it, maybe a little lower would compliment the video better

  24. I played 10 games against Danya’s bott, & it beat the hell out of me, next time he plays Hikaru I will B routing for Hikaru. I thought I was a better chess player, I may quit after the beating I took from Danya’s bott.

  25. apparently an unpopular opinion but danya’s thumbnails are rlly cool (and ppl stop saying it spoils the video, if you want to watch, watch for the games not the result-)

  26. He's playing some cool new music. I wasn't as big of a fan of the old stuff

  27. Phat tunes man… Thompson Town Flowers are cool aye

  28. 37:40 "is he really gonna let time out now?"

    Well, technically, you didnt get a queen and he didnt lose, so he still has huge balls.
    That said, im astonished that he's indian, they usually never do that

  29. Hi Danya, I hope you read this – I used to be a reasonably strong grandmaster (about 25 years ago!) and I have to let you know how much I enjoyed you and Peter Leko’s commentary at the World Cup – it was simply off the charts:)) – I’ve just turned 60 and your commentary duo with Peter is the best I’ve ever heard – congrats from the Uk👏👏👏 from Julian Hodgson 😃

  30. Ah man you really don't need the lofi background music

  31. I played Danya in Bullet on his stream and put up a good fight. He even said, "This guy is playing well." I lost but it was a battle, and an honor.

  32. Please name of song or Band minute 4 reggae musica for god sake too good

  33. Congratulations Danya ❤ Amazing bullet skills 😲

  34. Can we get a link to this playlist? D Naro is quickly becoming one of my favorite GMs!

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