Why Levy Should Play More Bullet

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  1. Bullet has nothing to do with chess anymore

  2. Gofamm! Please a video playing agent chess

  3. There's not many times you can see levy be that focused and say nothing for so long lol…

  4. I thought levy was slow.. But his opponent was slower

  5. 1:37 Airquake missed free pawn attacking a knight. Rxg3

  6. He really thought he'd get away with trying to take that rook so quickly 💀

  7. Bro i had to watch this at .75x cause my 1600 brain cant go this fast

  8. that music fits so well in its insane.

  9. That second move was crazy brave. I bet it works a lot of the time as well

  10. I think im gonna replay the video at 0.25x speed

  11. When the music hits this hard, you know it's all ogre now.

  12. Definetly, hikaru gets good views on his bullet vids

  13. Levy trying to Lefong his opponent is hilarious!

  14. missed mate in 2 absulate garbage bro is am IM and i am a 400 rated bullet player

  15. is that actually levy? it felt diffrent when he's mouth closed

  16. Was Nb5 winning at 1:30? If the knight takes it’s Qd7#, if it doesn’t take it’s Qc7#, Kd8 and Rb7 stop an instant mate but black is completely lost anyway

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