Who’ll Face Hikaru in the Grand Final? Magnus, Danya or Alireza? | Bullet Chess Championship 2023

The 2023 Bullet Chess Championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world competing for their share of a $100,000 prize fund. Watch on a chessboard:

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  1. Hikaru has played many thousands more bullet games than Magnus. He is also free of the pressure to win as he is indeed a streamer first…that's where he makes the real money, so…win or lose it's all content, clicks and advertising revenue along with subs etc. That means he has the freedom to simply play chess at his best with far less stress than someone who actually needs the relatively small amount of prize money.Magnus has to actually think and come up with real time "shenanigans " when playing Hikaru. Hikaru is clearly superior in that his auto pilot automatic reactions are richer and faster. What he said in his interview was very telling. Magnus did actually play in to Hikaru's strength bu simplifying in to end games too quickly. The human brain and nervous system in general slows down as we age………soon enough all the great players over thirty will be replaced by the youngsters.

  2. AND STILL the undisputed champion of irrelevant internet stuff….HIIIIKARUUU 'TAKES' NAKAMUUUURAAA!

  3. great event, but Magnus was at disadvantage playing 3 super strong players in a row

  4. Do you guys think the grand final should've been held tomorrow? Playing against Danya, Alireza and Naka on the same day and expecting to win is quite the challenge.

  5. I think Bullet and Fischer Random are my favorite formats

  6. Yeah, the Magnus/Hikaru match should’ve been played tomorrow. Magnus had to go through 2 other monster players before facing the Dragon (Hikaru). Not to take anything away from Naka. He could absolutely beat anyone on any given day, including Magnus. And honestly, this match could’ve gone either way. Congrats to Naka. Beast.

  7. Who though it was a good idea to let this clown Danny Rensch commentate!

  8. Hess with teh U-Conn Syracuse 6x overtime reference from 2008 wtf

  9. What a nice compliment Magnus gave to Hikaru wow bet that made Hikaru happy to.

  10. Most underrated GOAT. NAKA should be up there amongst the best!

  11. The nickelback memes was the best part of this whole vid lol

  12. Hess with teh U-Conn Syracuse 6x overtime reference from 2008 wtf. Hess is a great commentator!.

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