When you TRY and play bullet CHESS for the first time!

How not to play bullet chessXD , the following includes me loosing my queen in two moves ! I thought I was better than that ,my rapid rating is 730 and my puzzle rating is 1123, but somehow I can beat bots at much higher skill? #chess #bulletchess #lose


  1. you call it blunder, I call it gambit. we are not the same

  2. If a 500 plays this it’s a blunder if a super gm plays this it’s a genius sacrifice

  3. Queens gambit taken to a whole notha level

  4. It's all part of my master plan, just remember that excuse

  5. You’re just throwing pieces around randomly, you should learn an opening so you have at least 10 or so moves planned that you can play in a second

  6. I see you're well versed in the botez gambit

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