What a Move 🔥

What a Move 🔥

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  1. Rxe1, e7, Rd1, e8=Q, e1=Q, Qg6+, Ka1, Qa6+, Kb1, Qa2+, Kc1, Qb2# / Qc2# (if e1=N then Qc2# is no longer possible, White must play Qb2# instead, so promotion to a knight is useless in this position)

  2. This is not brilliant
    Taking the rook
    Even if white pushes the pawn it wont help
    E8 =Q
    If given check diagonally block with rook the knight will protect
    If taken the knight take with rook

  3. This position is completely lost for white. If you are black you take the rook with your rook, white pawn moves to the 7th rank, you move your rook out of the way on the first rank somewhere, g1 lets say. white pawn goes to e8 and promotes to queen. your pawn moves to e1 and becomes a queen. staring at each-other. if the white queen takes your queen you take with the rook and its game over. if you do anything you are basically fucked because black is up an entire rook and you simply aren't gonna get that other pawn anywhere. idk why i am even commenting. i guarantee Gotham has nothing to do with this video and was not responding to this game, nor is that even a brilliant move. no way.

  4. … Просто убей белого слона чёрным

  5. OMG 😱😱😱😱😱

  6. for people who don’t understand when rook takes pawn moves up and the rook has to move for the pawn to promote and we promote our pawn and if they promote we check with g5 and where ever the king moves its checkmate when you move the queen to b2😊😊😊

  7. Way to beat the brilliant move: king to c1

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