Typical 1200 rated bullet chess match (baka mitai)

Typical 1200 bullet match played by two 2400+ players in bullet
Song used:
Link to the game:
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  1. The best bullet games is under 900. Every move was kamikadze-like, and I couldn't play without imagination of chaotic autistic screaching in head.

  2. This is the lost funny game i have ever watched

  3. i think youtube algorithm want me to learn chess

  4. Here before this blows up and gets recommended to all

  5. Wait a minute you’re a National Master……..

  6. why does it come to recommended to all iam curious

  7. I've never thought a human could throw a game that hard

  8. Bullet chess can really give you that adrenaline

  9. Me : searching "chess tip for beginners" out of boredom because of quarantine
    Youtube algorithm 1 second later :

  10. im rated in the lower 800s and this made my brain hurt (I usually play bots)

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