Typical 1200 rated bullet chess match (baka mitai)

Typical 1200 bullet match played by two 2400+ players in bullet
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  1. Biggest throw I've seen in chess. Missing the mate in one

  2. Very confused on how an NM gets 8.0 accuracy in a bullet match, being rated 2400+

  3. What a true rollercoaster ride of emotions, cant get enough of these hahaha

  4. I love how you missed a ladder checkmate 3 times in a row

  5. When the Dr tell you that you only have one minute left….
    Its time to throw PogCHAMP

  6. This game was literally played by an NM and a 2500 opponent. Next time you clickbait, don’t leave evidence

  7. I don't…?
    Okay. I would like to not lose more brain cells, so can someone call youtube and tell them to not recommend me this?

  8. why are there 50 channels doing the same meme with chess?? what is happening ?

  9. Name: typical 1200 bullet chess game
    Players: around 2500 and one of them has NM

  10. 😂🤣🤣🤣
    Guys do see my version also you will like it🤪

  11. I'm an 800 player and Bishop e3 at 0:23 basically ruined my day.

  12. the title: 2400+ players
    One of the players: 2399

  13. Can someone tell me why is baka mitai used in quite a few of the chess videos, is there a relation or smtg?

  14. The amount of checkmates that could’ve happened …. my brain trembles

  15. 700 rated players when I play: say hello to my little checkmate in 25
    2400 rated players when other people play:

  16. All these baka Mitai chess recommendations LOL greatness I might have to play chess

  17. Holy fuck I went braindead watching them play

  18. I just got to 1200 and the first thing i saw when i open youtube is this video

  19. I’m so lost but to be fair I’m sitting at like 500 and the only thing I know about chess is how the pieces move

  20. Good game…me too, I have a typical chess game in my Chanel ! Give just you advice !

  21. Two high rated players, one a NM, throw the game in 480p, 2021, colorized

  22. Me: Hah, I play much better than this
    Also me: Blunders my queen 5 moves into a 900 game

  23. "You just edited all the brilliant moves so they are blunders inacuraces and other. Not nice Not nice ".

  24. – 69th dislike, did you get it?
    – Yes.
    – How much did it cost?
    – Everything.

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