Trying to survive in a Super GM Bullet Arena

Last week, Eric played in the Bullet Chess Championship Qualifiers…

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  1. ​ I like that picture hanging on the wall Eric can I have a photo or something as a reference I want to draw it

  2. Yo im kind of out of the loop, why is chessbae94 so much hated?

  3. For people defending Hikaru saying that it was a manager who did the strike and not Hikaru himself who did it, let me ask you this. Do you really think that his manager would have done that without Hikaru giving the okay? When you think about it like that it doesn’t make much sense, does it?

  4. Eric played so well in this, I understand the frustration of losing a few winnable games, but overall, beating these guys who regularly score in the top 5 of lichess titled arenas is an accomplishment in itself, beating players like Grichuk, Bortnyk, and Zhigalko is really impressive

  5. You look like that kid from good luck charlie

  6. Play like carlsen, Stay cool like hansen, and calm like rosen. I'm sorry if my english so bad.

  7. Eric’s premoving faster than Hikaru alienates fans

  8. Been watching your stream since the beginning and honestly, you are the one who took chess to the new streaming level!! Not Hikaru!

  9. Never liked Hikaru, with his channel growing on Twitch he pretended to be a better person, followed him on Twitch, saw his two-faced and petty behavior unfollowed in 1 month.
    Chessbrah should make second YouTube channel “More Chessbrah” that should tick him off, oh wait I forgot, “he literally does not care.”

    If you are a hikaru fan, you don’t need to defend him against me, just go to his channel and support him.

  10. So nice to see an argentino(genghis_k) wining against a strong player like eric so proud

  11. Can someone explain me what hikaru said of eric? Or why are you saying that hikaru looks down on eric?

  12. Eric showing class when he gets flagged – reflects on his own mistakes instead of complaining.

  13. Eric at 10:09 : LET'S PUT THIS GUY IN THE DIRT
    Also eric 10 seconds later : oh! I don't know theory here.

  14. i am not as good as hikaru but i am happy i am more mature then him although i am 13

  15. I have to slow down the video to understood the movement 😀

  16. my eyes are open now I can see thanks Eric
    Hikaru disappointed me

  17. Can one get the «gm» title by just rating, or whats the criteria?

  18. All those comments acting like this guy didn't do racist call out and threaten to rape someone. Wtf is wrong with the people on this channel.

  19. Hey Eric I wanted to say hi and I wish you all love happiness and success. Ramdan Mubarak

  20. Is this speed up video? Can we see match in normal speed?

  21. Eric, I've never commented on your videos but I'm with you all the way. Could never ever support that rich crybaby again. Much love man

  22. Anyone recommend a good Spotify playlist similar to what Hansen listens to?

  23. 12:45 I had to pause to see what pawn was that(it was the h6 pawn). these GMs man are just ridiculous on how they see stuff in fractions of seconds

  24. Truly believe Eric could benefit from a good sports psychologist. I’ve watched a lot of his games. He’s his own toughest opponent.

  25. Why all chess streamers listen to most generic techno songs ever ?

  26. Is this Ultra Instinct ? Or Observation haki

  27. K.O. is misspelled. That is rough.

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