Top Level Chess!! | Bullet Brawl | GM Daniel Naroditsky

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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Edited by @ClydeBarber (check out some of my original music on YT)

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  1. It's funny the "grandmaster" really comes out in these bullet games

  2. Clicked the video faster than a bullet game duration ^^

  3. he uploaded this right after PogChamps commentary LEGEND😎

  4. Ну что ж, сон отменяется. Даня, Ваш канал вызывает зависимость.

  5. Editor maybe remove the "___ place" from thumbnail? Cuz it kinda spoils and make it less tense near the end. Maybe u could just write "top 3 finish"

  6. No need to watch if the thumbnail spoils the ending 🙁

  7. I like to show support and watch but these games are always so fast I can’t keep up 😢

  8. I saw this live but for some reason I feel the urge to re-watch this

  9. this is top tier entertainment. I hate the al…gorit*h_m

  10. What should white have played instead of the losing king move @ 20:00 ?

  11. Dude won 2nd even though he looked haggard as hell sipping red bull like wine lmao

  12. You helped so many ppl to improve at this game including me. Wish you get the best in your life too! Cheers

  13. A few (slightly redundant ) observations:

    1. Danya is a total beast at predicting his opponent's next move… He mentions it himself in one game, but his ability to stay one-step ahead of his opponent sets him apart from so many high-class players
    2. His time-scramble skills are ridiculously elite. It's honestly becoming an art form in its own right, playing the rook checks etc and forcing wins in lost endings
    3. His consistency is pretty incredible. Maintaining 3200+ through tournaments like these shows he really is one of the best bullet players in the world

    Meanwhile I just hit 2000 bullet for the first time – and yep I'm taking notes… Thanks GM Naroditsky 🐐

  14. I'm such a fan of yours Danya. You're an inspiring human being!

  15. Who's your toughest opponent besides magnus, shigalko, alireza, and Andrew tang

  16. Does anybody know where Daniel lives now? I heard he moved. He always moving around.

  17. A wonderful exhibition of bullet chess at the highest level!

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