Top Level BULLET CHESS (1 Minute Per Player)

Hikaru plays bullet chess vs Bortnyk.

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  1. How many games did you play I’m thinking close to 30

  2. My respect is lost for you by friend. Petty Biden supporter. You don’t do your research.

  3. I'm extremely new to this, so real question: wasn't black queen g4 a move at 0:46?

  4. Guys, look what dragon I made of concrete

  5. Guys, look what dragon I made of concrete

  6. hikaru won't dare play bullet against andrew tang or especially hyperbullet which he describes as "not fun" because he just loses.

  7. Does anybody know what's the name of the song in the first match?

  8. I play bullet chess but I'm not very good. After 1700 elo I start to lose games.

  9. More bullet pls. Show Us Your road to 3,5k 🙂

  10. Hikaru: God I'm so bad at this game
    Press [X] to doubt

  11. Regarding Hikaru's recent not so impressive US chess tournament performance: Arrogance cometh before the fall

  12. Yo Hikaru, can you please say something about “The Queen’s Gambit”
    Do you actually see the board on the ceiling like in the series and can replay the whole game?
    And also can you play by just using words with another person?
    And what do you generally think of the series?
    Do you think they filmed it because of the recent chess “boom”?
    If you watched did you like it or if you didn’t then do you should watch it I recommend.

  13. Hikaru lied to me. Bongcloud SLIP? Accident? I won't tolerate these lies. Dislike and unsubscribed.

  14. Yes, fast content is the content we need!! youre a god!!

  15. Watching this is so satisfying for some reason

  16. I would think Hikaru could afford to upgrade his 1997 Macintosh mouse

  17. Visual representation of me when my AP physics teacher gives us a Kahoot as review

  18. GM Hikaru Nakamura, plays the Bongcloud by "accident" and still wins

  19. Not often do you see Hikaru blunder a queen and proceed to play a hippo in the following game

  20. Oho~, that is not my brain on speed chess…

  21. Why are there 13 eggs in the thumbnail? Who buys 13 eggs? Am I the only one bothered by this? Bakers dozens dont exist for eggs damnit!

  22. Some people really look better WITH mustache and beard:)

  23. item name : your brain on speed chess
    item class : weapon
    item stats :
    +350% striking speed
    +limted precognition
    -critical hits

  24. I paused the video so the pieces can rest.

  25. "Ah that's not a good pre-move but still good" – GMHikaru 2020

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