This Is Why We Play Bullet Chess

Hikaru plays the inaugural Bullet Brawl arena and shows us all the true spirit of bullet chess. – Part 1

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  1. I literally blinked and there was already 9000 pieces being moved

  2. Only Hikaru can drink vodka from a beer glass, while slaughtering on the 64 squares.

  3. he comunicates so easily with the chat when also its calculating and managing time. its a true beast on bullet.

  4. I actually prefer it because you dont have to be razor accurate – i just get irked when people try to flag you right from the start or way too early in the game. I still want to play chess not "push the piece". It feels unsportsmanlike when someone soley is playing to flag. But its just an opinion i dont make the rules.

  5. Whats the playlist / music playing in background?

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  7. free sample from levi course (Vienna)💪

  8. It must be so hard understanding and accepting that your peak perfomances are gone and you'll only get older and slower

  9. Bullet at 1000 is a bit different. There's a queen hanging by move 7 so you just need to hang on

  10. The part when Hikaru said GM nowadays are better than he used to be in the past….Respect+

  11. Can someone explain why hikaru didn't take c2 pawn with knight on 36:07 don't you just win 2 free pawns and his rook which is now trapped?

  12. Hikaru reminds me of Anderson Silva, when he was in his prime he was unstoppable. Now that he's past his prime, I worry when he goes against someone with a 3k+ rating.

  13. No that is why YOU play bullet. WE move the queen thinking everything is fine.

  14. I was watching some parts on half speed lol

  15. Great to see Hikaru has unretired from bullet for the umpteenth time! HE GO AGANE.

  16. This is insane, how the hell do you play so fast? I mean I suck at 5 minute blitz.

  17. Bullet but no bongcloud! Huh?🙁

  18. Bortnyk in the first game🔥💯

  19. Now that I see okly hoursy has a hairline tbh

  20. Bortynk is really a bullet beast he is very underrated

  21. guys mobslayer00 got a new chessboard

  22. why not just razer deathadder mouse, has perfect mouse control for chess.

  23. Rook odds to a 3000 and he still wins…

  24. GMs thinking Hikaru have dropped off in bullet so they can take advantage
    Hikaru while crushing them: Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated 😎😎

  25. You missed mate in 1 at 7:45. It’s nice to know that even Gms can have tunnel vision moments even if they do it in bullet and I do it in rapid

  26. Are you playing on Chess Pro multiplayer & ai from the Unity asset store? looks like it…. I use that too xD I usually pit Stockfish and MIttens against each toher lol. Any other chess engine recommendations?

  27. I was wondering whether a human with regular time control (let's say 60 for 40 moves, 30 mins for every 20 moves, +30s increment for every move) would have a chance against a computer on bullet (1+0, no ponder), where computer MUST win (draw = human wins).
    I know it's heavily skewed, but would that be enough for humans to actually beat a computer?

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