This is Peak Bullet Chess

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  1. Alternate title: Eric destroys 2400 for likes and views

  2. bullet building habits sounds great actually. I'd probably watch every episode

  3. Das ist ziemlich arge Hartbubmusik die Sie im Hintergrund abspielen!

  4. Could you add the "now playing" again please Eric? Some of those songs are great.

  5. No timestamps? You have so much faith in your audience.

  6. peak is beating someone 600 elo lower over and over again

  7. I’ve been building habits ever since I wore my chessbrah merch to school. But it’s not “opening moves” or “flagging strategies”, it’s “hiding in lockers” and “avoiding the football team”. One time I unironically asked “is this theory” in physics class, and a cheerleader’s textbook hit me right in the dome! Knocked me out cold. Don’t support these guys.

  8. Eric – Where can we find the tunes in this video?

  9. hey man love the videos and i just want to say that better help isnt a great therapy option, and that your chess videos do so much more good than they do, thank you

  10. Go Eric for supporting mental health! Hell yea

  11. Why is the chessbrah icon a horse, never understood that

  12. This is insane. The opponent is an international master who would beat me 1000 times out of 1000.

  13. I am huge fan of the brahs, but this session is just Eric beating up on someone with 600 less ELO.

  14. Are all your videos with background techno music?

  15. How do you beat people in bullet while yawning?

  16. Love bullet content, next video do 30 games against a 3000 bullet player like you! I already knew you were going to adopt a 2400 hands down!

  17. The opponent probably installed BetterHealth app afterwards 😂

  18. Bullet chess eric stream hits different on 1.25

  19. Great tunes! … and the chess is pretty good too, always a pleasure

  20. Don’t tell me Hiki slapped a copyright strike on Aman’s video earlier. Sour.

  21. are you lewandowski's brother you look so similar to him


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