This is How Andrew Tang Crushed Stockfish In Ultrabullet Chess

In ultrabullet chess, there is only 15 seconds each side.
And this video shows how Andrew Tang(The best ever ultrabullet player in this planet) crushed all levels of stockfish on lichess.
All credit to GM Andrew Tang! Enjoy it!

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  1. 4:03 White has two legal moves.
    1) Kh8 hanging mate in one
    2) Nxb3 capturing the hanging queen

    How does an engine that evaluates millions of moves per second fail to see a mate in one? You literally need just 1 move depth.

  2. While Andrew tang can beat stock fish bots in 15 seconds while I can’t even beat a level 1 cool math chess bot with unlimited time

  3. how the fuck did Andrew lose against hikaru in the bullet tourny

  4. I checkmated stockfish few times in ultra level 1 tho

  5. What did I just watch 0.0 ?!!! woa very impressive

  6. This man has the fastest reaction time (I hate when people say this man blah blah blah on some video but this is different) he can literally be in a leaderboard fps game like cod with that reaction time

  7. me, a 800 rating playing chess for 10 years watching this guy

  8. "Chess is a game about strategy and speed."

  9. i know what happens on the board but i can only read like 3 moves before just complete confusion

  10. there's something poetic about the fact that if we have to face machines, we might beat them with speed because they're just busy running every possible simulation imaginable.

  11. imagine if someone had to say all the moves eg qxf3.. Man i feel bad for them

  12. Now I know Stockfish use his brain to think than memorization.

  13. This is just proof that Andrew Tang is superhuman when he beat the 8 levels of lichess stockfish in 15 seconds like I cant even comprehend the moves

  14. Stockfish be like : 🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢

  15. I love how he premoves against the englund in case stockfish plays it lol

  16. the computer library-مكتبة الكمبيوتر says:

    Me watching him in the opening…
    losing attention for 1 sec

  17. wait can someone please explain to me why stockfish was playing so badly at the beginning?

  18. Meanwhile I make a single premove in bullet chess and blunder a bishop and a knight

  19. They say humans can never beat computers at speed, meanwhile humans :

  20. If u dont play stockfish besides ultrabulllet or just bullet, u have no hope

  21. I train on Aim-Booster(2D Aim boost) and I'm getting the hang on it.

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