This Is Bullet Chess

Hikaru dominates during the Chess Done Quick: Bullet Edition – This is Part Three – the first two are


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  1. How to play bullet chess:

    Step one: shoot your competitor
    Step two: You win

  2. It is annoying when hikaru is up a queen and the numptie about to lose just runs out the clock. Either fight your corner or resign.

  3. Anyone know what the background song playing in the beginning was?

  4. hikaru u have better accuracy than me in bullet then I have in 2h open tournaments lol

  5. why did i click on this video excited thinking someone is actually going to play chess with bullets

  6. Subtitles at the start: Now he aborts, Now I have warts
    Wtf Lmao 😂

  7. The number of checkmates he gets in this video is how long i take to get one win 😭😂

  8. That chess set from the thumbnail is boss. I want one.

  9. 8:16 "really?!" dude it's 20 seconds of frustration. Calm down super GM

  10. Hikaru is American no wonder why he is so good at bullet

  11. No idea what I was expecting for bucket chess. Maybe if you blunder the queen you get shot

  12. I just started playing chess yesterday. I got the bright idea of starting with Blitz games. Wow did that cause some mental exhaustion lol. I can't even imagine playing Bullet Chess.

  13. I love speed chess and bullet chess, it's more intense and need fast decision strategy to win without needing your opponent to wait for 3 whole minutes.

  14. Exciting to think that if I just play enough, learn and think, I can be like Hikaru, literally able to find the best move in just 2 seconds.

    I am taking 10 minutes to find the best move just for that move to be an empty sacrifice that resulted in a string of brilliant blunders.

  15. Bullet chess view from the sky :


  16. That moment when you realise that Hikaru's bullet chess is stronger than your correspondence chess.

  17. Jugaste dos veces contra chessblitz35 pero en diferentes tiempos

  18. “Now I have warts ok haha”
    – Hikaru

  19. Opponent moving knight Hikaru just checking celling 😀

  20. I blinked and the position was completely different

  21. We waiting for him to play chess with bullets:

  22. What is the name of his opening as white? I'm really interested.

  23. he really baited me for the thumbnail there xd🤣

  24. (This is going of the chess set in the thumbnail)Chess master: bishop G4. Checkmate
    Opponent:*pulls out glock and loads in a pon.* Pon to brain. Death Mate

  25. You destroy my 3 months of playing chess🥶🥶
    And I guess years of many players 🙏🙏

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