There’s No Sympathy In Bullet Chess

Hikaru unleashes hell on the best of the best of bullet chess opponents in the Bullet Brawl on August 12, 2023. This is Part 2


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  1. I bet you've been more Active in the Bedroom recently😏. Maybe that's why your slightly slower now…

  2. Hikaru: "You got to use every advantage that you have"
    Me : Goes ahead to blunder my queen in next move

  3. Where is the video on pragg vs arjun

  4. See a video of hikari. Click on it. One hour later. I still suck at Chess.

  5. Too bad pragg beat him in a time control that matters.

  6. Fast chess requires solid knowledge of patterns and the ability to guess things. Some people say it is dirty chess. We cannot come up with solid ideas in bullet chess. Most of the games are not perfect. Rapid chess is the best chess after classical.

  7. Pls make a video on prag vs arjun quarterfinal(tiebreak)

  8. How did Daniel manage to play 14 more games? That's crazy.
    Honestly 60-8-3 is a better record than 63-13-9. Well done.

  9. Thank you for always hustling and giving us constant videos 🫶🏽

  10. 9:52 Hikaru eviscerates Cramling playing 28 moves in 15 seconds, just unbelievable.

  11. Your quote that was used in the intro and in last 15 mins of video will become a famous quote one day… part of your memoir many decades later.. ends with “…then what am I even playing for.” Testament to a highly competitive spirit like MJ. If MJ was a chess player, he’d have the same mentality.

  12. I can not believe it that chess can be so fun and entertaining ❤❤❤

  13. Hikaru please suggest how to beat the cpu 2200 elo.please suggest me bro.its humble request

  14. Daniel played 85 games, winning 63 out of them, Hikaru played 71 games winning 60 of them, Hikaru win rate is much higher. The only reason he lost is because he was streaming and people played even losing matches till the end to get stream air time. This format is shit, Hikaru was literally much better

  15. it’s games like these 9:45 that make you feel two ways, angry that your opponent didn’t respect you enough to resign in a lost position, and infuriated that you actually managed to lose in response. That is from bortnyk’s perspective. Weve all been there

  16. 9:25 “there’s no excuses”, *blunders rook and nearly throws game back

  17. 30:27 bd6, with qh6 is over. If bd6, qa7, rc1 ggs. Bortnyk is missing ez dubs. Hikaru effect

  18. Hikaru hates knights 😀 pragg tilted him longterm 🙂

  19. Hikaru in 2023 : "It is what it is"
    also Hikaru in 2083 : "It is what it is" 🙂

  20. if hikaru had better internet it could of been different, dani played 83 games and won 63 while hikaru played 71 and won 60… i mean we all know whos the best. Super nice run by daniel he is extremely good! top 5 in the world right now for sure.

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