The Top 15 Moments of the Bullet Chess Championship 2021

Our favorite moments of Bullet Chess Championship 2021, presented by Susquehanna International Group! Twenty world-class players and creators such as @GMHikaru, @DanielNaroditskyGM, @BotezLive, and @penguingm1 competed for their share of the $32,000 in two events: The Main Event for the title of Bullet Chess Champion and an All-Stars Championship with some of Chess’ biggest personalities.

Do you agree with our countdown? What was your favorite moment of the event? Let us know below! ⬇️

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  1. I can't believe Artemiev threw the entire match to Alireza, he had 18 seconds and there was 8 seconds for a match to finish, in contrast to him Alireza never did such thing in the tournament

  2. Pree moves killers… Thanks for the videos Shalom tomodachi friends

  3. I tried to count the number of plot twists in this video.

    I failed.

  4. can't believe a nickname like xnxxtentacion gets in a chess tournament

  5. Top moment: Alireza showing up in a chessbrah shirt to destroy hikaru

  6. Kramnik said Bullet isn't chess and is only played by weak players seeking victory by flagging in most cases.

  7. Alireza keeps proving hes the beast and keeps getting better

  8. Okay. So chess has been reduced to a video game now.

  9. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  10. Firouaja's mustache is his signature!!!!!

  11. Top moment, Eric choking out Naka

  12. everyone hates hikaru, and that's understandable

  13. It should be clearer which moment we are watching.

  14. that premature resignation of artemiev was too kind

  15. The best moments were bartoshes interviews idk why they are not there

  16. hikaru please dont strike this too. thanks

  17. can you flag with just your king on the board ?

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