The Road To 1600 ELO (Bullet Chess Stream Highlight)

This was taken from my Twitch stream! Watch live next time:

The Road to 1600 is paved with blunders…but if we play our rooks right, who knows what we could accomplish.


  1. Two chess videos in one day?? Looks like I died and went to POG heaven

  2. First game is literally "Call an ambulance…. But not for me"

  3. 1 minute 43 in when he says frick and you know this is gonna be good

  4. Hello fellow chess fans, why are you looking at the comments and not watching this pog chess content?

  5. I went from being lukewarm on chess to obsessively binging Magnus Carlsen and GothamChess videos until 2am because of these videos.

  6. Legend has it, if you're early and say the word POG in your comment, the likes will come.

  7. double chess? when you rang the bell in spelunky today, it really did bless us.

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