The Road To 1600 ELO (Bullet Chess Stream Highlight)

This was taken from my Twitch stream! Watch live next time:

The Road to 1600 is paved with blunders…but if we play our rooks right, who knows what we could accomplish.


  1. How come your mom let's you have TWO pogs a day?

  2. NL i fucking love these chess videos; Thank you, egg.

  3. Holy boosh Jimmy, your mom let's you have two chess videos? Good lord I am pogged out of my gourd right now NL let's goo! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hitting me with two chess videos in one day is very pog

  5. Please play the Pog gambit: accelerated out my gourd variation next time.

  6. What happened with Slasher's keep, have you finished the game?

  7. How come your mom lets you have 2 Chess vids ?=!

  8. Okay okay all my doubts about this more twitch less yt stuff vanished the second I saw 2 chess vids on one day!

  9. 20:56 ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bishop can get trapped
    23:26 ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh desperado and bishop trapped
    24:25 ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh night hangs and u didn't even take.
    32:42 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oops. literally did u not see that? bruh u blind. he hung a queen and at the end u were +1

  10. Two chess videos in one day.. What is this, Christmas? Oh, wait…lol

    Thank you & Happy Holidays

  11. The BEST chess streamer out there hands down. Way too funny 100% entertainment. Even your losses are gold

  12. love you, NL! I never thought the day'd come when you'd stream chess.

  13. 15:15 “And I find that putting the enemy in checkmate is an unbelievably strong move” nope I can believe that

  14. This is unrelated to chess but I can’t find it anywhere and the nl community knows.

    What’s the term they use when a dark souls boss is very polished? (It’s killing me)

  15. what an anticlimatic way to end video 1 game away from 1600

  16. NL with the Eric Rosen “oh no my queen!” in the second game is big pog

  17. NL should achieve the title of chess grandmaster just for the aesthetic of being called "GMNL" or "EGGGM"

  18. I am TIRED of giving up this pawn, I've decided I WONT give this pawn anymore!
    Meh, Let them have it

  19. Stop commenting, I can't like ALL your comments!

  20. baby noises
    "I'll let you out in a second, buddy"

  21. I will never say no to more than one chess a day!

  22. Great to watch some bullet on youtube, but I think this highlight vid is really missing the post-game analysis; a dummy like me is having a hard time keeping up with why you make certain moves, and I'd love to learn your thought process after the game is done so I can properly follow along.

  23. NL: 6:25
    Also NL: Literally just a few minutes ago lost a game because he wasn't watching what the opponent was doing.

  24. Two chess videos in a single day. Now this is podracing.

  25. Speaking of Ghostface from Scream, its also funny how he falls and eats shit

  26. this chess is getting to me. first thirty seconds i was like HO-HO-HO SPICY START

  27. Ty eggdad, started playing Chess due to your Videos and am now at 1150 elo

  28. NL saying "Checkmate is a pretty strong move" made me laugh so hard because I say that all the damn time when doing chess puzzles lmaooooo

  29. i mean the road to 1600 is more like 1350 OTB

  30. Bullet might not be your speed, hilarious games none-the-less

  31. Mr nothern lion I first wanna say thank you for everything! And second I really liked ur slay the spire series it’s just the way i opera is I watch you when I wake up (so the newest posted videos) and when I go to sleep (latest posted videos) but I’m not saying change for me but I really missed out on a lot of slay the spire because at the time of you making the videos I was in mental hospitals so I didn’t get the full affect and I know I can go watch new episodes but it’s not the same I can’t relate you don’t have to reboot the series for me but being able to watch slay the spire episodes before I sleep would be amazing it doesn’t have to be rebooted but twitch vods would be amazing playing it from time to time would be cool, just an idea sir❤️

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