The Road To 1600 ELO (Bullet Chess Stream Highlight)

This was taken from my Twitch stream! Watch live next time:

The Road to 1600 is paved with blunders…but if we play our rooks right, who knows what we could accomplish.


  1. he missed the pin on that knight in the beginning

  2. I'm straight up crying when you just start going off about Ghostface

  3. Nah, Freddy Krueger is definitely a Knight, sneak up behind you right when you least expect it.

  4. 19:44 you should have ended the joke at "freddy kreddy kreuger would be a bishop".

  5. Aha now I see where he gets his tendency to give away pieces for pawns in slower chess. Maybe bullet is more his jam, which can be fun too!

  6. if you watch at half speed its like a normal video but NL is toasted out of his gourd. keep it up.

  7. 3 ten minute games or 30 one minute games? I don't know what I like more

  8. “I don’t think we need too much analysis for that one”

  9. 1:33 The most genuine frick you will ever hear. That's a frick from deep down. The frick of the soul.

  10. Look chess is the Zazz but please hit me with that geo guesser

  11. one minute chess matches? my brain is melting. i can barely orchestrate a ten min game …

  12. Didn't NL recently say he shouldn't play bullet chess because it breaks his brain? Not that I'm complaining

  13. Your bullet skills seem better than blitz, and more fun to watch, too!

  14. 31:28 when they don't do what you expect so you literally blunder every piece. Exactly how I always use Alekhine's Gun.

    And before any nerd comes in and says the queen has to be behind the second rook for it to be Alekhine's Gun, I know, I'm very well versed in how I routinely blunder all my pieces.

  15. 14:22 This man has ascended to the 0 mistakes 0 blunders 0 missed wins bullet chess pog level

  16. "Putting the opponent in checkmate is an unbelievably strong move."

  17. this is great stuff. you look more comfortable than you did in the blitz video. really enjoy the chess videos as a whole.

  18. (every minute) "just one more". Egg Daddy is a chess addict now. I can't even complain, it means more of poggest and zaniest content on the channel.

    PS. I also got checkmated in that fashion with N+Q the other day. I feel the pain. I knew it wass coming.

  19. "Thanks for the points" gave me Vietnam-style flashbacks of young NL yeeting badgelords into the shadow realm in Tetris 99.

    "Thanks for holding 'em for me."

  20. dude, i get instantly tilted if anyone ever tries to scholars mate me, im 1200 so not the greatest but it's insane disrespect to try that above like 700

  21. Hey NL, it's been a while since i go into one of your videos. I like your style, but it burnt me out that you took chat criticism too harshly and always got "picked on" by your viewers for your "lack of skill". With chess, the same people who would normally criticise you have to shut their mouths because they probably aren't even rated 400 (nothing wrong with being 400, but the skill gap is certainly there) so you can enjoy more the game and banter with great humor without worrying about pleasing everybody. I'm really glad to see you playing chess, and I will definetly stick around again to your channel to enjoy the content. Cheers!!

  22. "feels like I did something cool, like making my teacher proud". How very canadian…

  23. Once again we find ourselves in the temple of pogged egg giving thanks for the chess

  24. "The things I will do for my country" brillaint

  25. Only in bullet do you ever get the 'englund gambit declined: reversed alekhine, reversed krebs variation', but it's a potent weapon in the hands of the right egg.

  26. "We're playing against a gamer who doesn't want to play chess, they just want to move pieces."

    Isn't that everyone playing bullet chess?

  27. So i'm having a problem. I really, really love NL. He's my favorite youtuber. He's a great guy n' all.
    But I wish I could just prevent this specific series of videos from showing up in my feed. I'm not at all interested in this game. And he keeps putting his face in every single thumbnail, and I hate when youtubers do that. And he uploads these videos all the time… so frequently… It's bumming me out. I hate to complain, so sorry for the bad comment.

  28. watching you crumble in that game was so heartbreaking but so pogging funny

  29. I liked the part where he gets real psyched for finding a discovered check that wins the queen as opposed to just taking it with the knight 32:45

  30. So glad you did that collab with Levy so I could find your channel! Love the commentary

  31. Don't say thusly! Thus is already an adverb! What are you doing? making it a super adverb?

  32. Are you the Accountant from the movie The Accountant, but bald?

  33. This has to be one of the best chess videos out there holy moly it was funny

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