The most insane Magnus Carlsen game you will ever see | Carlsen vs Rapport | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen opens with 1.e4, Richard Rapport plays the French. The position is closed, but Magnus goes wild by sacrificing a piece, then another and before you know it, the game is already out of control. There are points where Rapport could have forced the draw, but he is an extremely ambitious player and wanted to beat Carlsen! Check out what happens at the end! With some intense Carlsen expressions!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The most insane……
    Please stop this baiting.
    It is like a shop advertising free mens haircut and when you enter the shop, it is a restaurant selling cold chickensoup.

  2. His expression at 10:36 when he thinks Magnus is reaching for a handshake when in fact he is getting a Queen is heartbreaking for Rapport. You can a couple of seconds later he shakes his head and completely goes from ecstasy to depression.

  3. What a game, there is too many mistakes from both of sides. But it was really fun

  4. I have a "Games of Awe" playlist in my channel. This was added right now that I saw it!

    Astonishing game, one that shows a little bit of all the qualities of chess in one game!

  5. Wait.. how did add a piece back on the board?

  6. Am I missing something……8min 30 seconds, Magnus takes a pawn, but the opponenets pawn was right next to it 🤔 am I missing a rule from chess here or something 👀

  7. Do they ever talk to each other afterwards? One always seems to leave immediately.

  8. I don't know chess very well but at 8:32 he takes a pawn in what seems like an illegal move.

  9. The great Magnus Carlsen …. What a game

  10. At 8:28 there is a mistake right? Rapport moves horizontal to Magnus Pawn and Magnus takes at spot behind the pawn? I’m not experienced but that’s incorrect right?

  11. Ummmm…….At 8:33 doesn't Magnus steal that guys pawn. You can't attack with a pawn sideways? Can you? Isn't that check mate for the other guy?

    Wow I watched it again and again…..The Match was over right there!?!?!?!? Magnus lost that match.

  12. at 8:30, how is magnus able to take the opponent's pawn at G5? He takes his opponents pawn at G5 and moves his to G6

  13. Wow after following Magnus for 10 years insane I’ve never seen Magnus visibly shaken at 10:47 probably at the thought of losing the game even with two queens.

  14. Can someone explain what happens at 8:27 to me? Rapport moves his pawn to g5, then Carlson responds with pawn to g6, and that somehow takes Rapport's pawn? I'm a complete novice, so please forgive me!

  15. Never played chess in my life but Magnus makes me want to start!

  16. Why is Magnus making that movement to eat the pawn at 8:31? It is not correct right? He is moving in diagonal but the pawn is in parallel

  17. 8:29
    pawn clearly from g7 to g5 but Magnus takes it as it would have been placed on g6 ??
    Am I missing something ?

  18. Be kár! What a pity! In den letzten Zügen doch noch den Sieg versaut…

  19. These guys look a little…sweaty! What, does the electricity cost too much???

  20. However exceptional you play a game, getting your king trapped with an opponent's pawn on the third square is never letting you get a win

  21. Can anyone explain Magnuses move at 8:31, he could not take pawn that way could he?

  22. Why Magnus didn't check his opponents king? He cornered him!

  23. What a lot of white noise on this recording

  24. 7:549:10 did magnus not see a mate or am I missing something? queen takes rook C8?

  25. Cameraman should be aware that this is going on Youtube and Google add banner will keep appearing at the bottom hiding half of the board.

  26. Magnus hitting him with En passant though 😢😢😢

  27. Richard Rapport looks like he should be making songs about space and living on other planets such as mars

  28. I'm new to chess–as in I watch, I don't play. I struggle to understand the ending. In my head, black has the ability to sacrifice their queen to take out both white queens from that position. Is it possible for someone to help me understand the part that I am not seeing?

  29. Chessbase India, you might want to pin a comment explaining to people that the 'En passant' move at 8:30 is legal. New players everywhere thinking they've spotted something that super grandmasters didn't notice. 😂

  30. Magnus is shaking pretty bad in the end!
    He is used to win almost everything but still he keeps fighting for every point!
    Indeed a true fearless fighter!

  31. Brilliantly played, i specially liked the "En Pessant" move by Magnus at 8:31 🙂

  32. Wait, in minutes 8:29 in the match !!! Is it correct or Magnus stole a kill here because the other player didn’t put his move in this place

    Hope you understand what I mean 😅

    The hole match changes on this move

  33. What an interesting pawn move at 8:31 from Magnus – a lateral hit and run.

  34. Insane game !. 10:52 Pawn eats Queen is the winning move ! I am wrong ?

  35. It’s like a Rocky film. Blow after blow, bruised and confused and still wins???

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