The Most Extraordinary Bullet Chess Combination Of 2023

The Most Extraordinary Bullet Chess Combination Of 2023 – Vidit Gujarati vs Magnus Carlsen, Speed Chess Championship Bullet Chess.

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  1. Incredible that Magnus calculated all those variations in a few seconds

  2. I watched this game live and at the end I thought this is going to be a game Epic Chess will review 🙂

  3. C'est le summum des échecs. Bravo à Vidit et à Magnus pour ce chef-d'œuvre 🎉.

    This is peak chess. Well done to both Vidit and Magnus for this masterpiece

  4. Your "excuse me" is becoming as legendary like Agad's "sorry for that" 😂 great game review by the way, as alway. Awesome 👏

  5. دوستت دارم عالی گزارش میکنی

  6. Magnus is paying off abandoning the WC every tournament. His play has been so good I have barely even heard anything about Ding. Magnus is displaying supreme hydro-despotism against FIDE for the time being.

  7. Wow i would not even see the move R+b4 !! in a long game

  8. I also looked at that knight takes b4 pawn but I thought it will not work. 😅

  9. once in a lifetime player?
    there are still people who remamber fisher and kasparov playing

  10. The Magnus boot lickers are out in full force today 😂

  11. I’m just thinking how much chess, and go too, changed the last few years. Some, say, 30 years ago, long thinking time was considered the only way to play a serious game, to have a chance of a masterpiece. Those fast games were considered a kind of trick play, a festival of errors where the luckiest one would win. But, somehow today’s players became tactically so strong, because of AI?, these fast games sometimes are better than the slow ones, verifiably so. This is fantastic!

  12. By the way, I am wondering: are these fantastic fast games registered, are they eligible as masterpieces in the sense of “the best 100 games of Magnus Carlsen”, that is, are they treated seriously, purely based on game quality? I really would hope so. That no-one can ever say, oh, but it was only a fast game.

  13. This could have been a Tal game using hours back in the 60s

  14. As always, very good commentary, lively, thank-you. Just the sound is very low (compared to other videos).

  15. I half-watched this event, and I heard Danya say “I’m out if he finds it”, but even when I rewound it, I didn’t get it. Thx for covering this game. 🙏🙏

  16. Stuff with Qf2 was high on my list, and Nxb4 first became my prime candidate after half a minute or so; but I wasn't close to working it out to the point that I'd feel comfortable playing it, and then again I was treating it as "a position that has a fancy crushing follow-up" as well; I doubt I'd have found it in a 1h50m+10 classical..
    But a bullet game..

  17. Add magnus to the title 😂😂😂

  18. 13:13 Daniel just shakes his head in disbelieve. Magnus is the 🐐🐐🐐

  19. That is a pretty sweet chess board. Too bad chess is the anti-social game.

  20. Robert and Daniel are my favourite combination of commentators.

  21. Fantastic game. Magnus is an incredible player.

  22. Wow. The GOAT will never stop to amaze, and all this is done in 1 minute. I'm so happy I'm living in a time when I can watch his Games in real time! Magnus' skills are almost unbelievable…

  23. I was thinking the move had something with knight takes and queen somewhere but I didn’t see the check on f3, crazy stuff

  24. Magnus is gonna destroy Hikaru’s winning streak if he keeps playing at this level!

  25. That's scary stuff. Hans Niemann or almost any other player would be suspected of cheating.

  26. All due respect to the ones who did it before engines existed, but Magnus is clearly the goat.

  27. Knight tim3 Magnus.(Thank you for the share, your a great teacher)

  28. Magnus is the greatest ever. Now I wonder how long he will be able to play at this level?

  29. Even Gujrathi himself, in awe, can only sit quietly through the evaporation process.

  30. The stuff these guys at the top see with minimal time is insane. The things they do sometimes are beyond human.

  31. I suspect you meant to insert a different clip the second time around, the one between the two you play where they exclaim "queen f2!"; right now it's the same clip as the first being played the second time.

    Extraordinary play by Magnus though, such a ridiculous tactic.

  32. Magnus is on fire at the moment, even by his own standards.

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