The Most Brutal Bullet Chess Championship Match

GM Brandon Jacobson has a nightmarish experience playing against the monster under his bed in the Bullet Chess Championship.















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  1. This is just rape in a whole new another level

  2. Imagine being this good at chess almost double adopting..
    And then imagine magnus who wins 20 out of 40 games with hikaru and loosing just one, dominating hikaru to such an extent that hikaru literally cries over the board. The levels are too damn high..

  3. Love the editing of cutting back and forth. Great video and great bullet session by Hikaru!

  4. Hikaru is a youtuber who cares more about thumbnail editing than video editing

  5. While watching I'm like:👁️👄👁️

  6. Such poor performance by Hikaru. Not even 20 wins. SMDH.

  7. Wait did Brandon actually play bullet from his phone? Anyone know the story

  8. Stop it hikaru ! He is already dead 😭😭😭

  9. kinda cringe that hes humming the usa national anthem

  10. How in the world is he so good in bullet? I know he is the best in the world, but this much… It's literally unreal. He truly is a monster!

  11. How fast their brains work is so impressive. Levels. We thinks we're smart, then you watch this stuff and see really smart people.

  12. THE FINAL boss indeed, I think he is slight above carlsen at 1min.

  13. This was made by biggest Hikaru fan ever 😅

  14. Yabba dabba doo…. I'm back watching Hikaru!

  15. Hiki s dedication 2 give that guy nightmares….

  16. Other GM: 😓

    Hikaru: 🎵🎶 🎤😮

  17. GM Kazarian looks like Mia Kalifa in young. Is she her daughter?

  18. So shameless that a FM is laughing at the boy who wa trying his best
    Thats not what commentators shud do

  19. hikaru is only twice as good as i am based on ratings i do not see the big deal

  20. Anyone have the video of Jacobson’s POV? I can’t find his vod. Same with the clip of him saying hikaru is the Monserrat under his bed. Where is the vod?

  21. Imagine getting beaten at your own game while the opponent is singing his national anthem

  22. But the opponent had connection problems. That is a factor. Psychological too.
    Wouldn't win him the match if it was not like that but still. Maybe no onesided beatdown.

  23. a prime victim of the hikaru effect is def eric, poor lad

  24. man good on him for destroying brandon but hikaru's social IQ is a special level of low god damn its unrealistic that this guy is a grown ass adult

  25. That’s what Brandon gets for masking up on a zoom call

  26. Then he looked right through me

    With somniferous almond eyes

    Don't even know what that means

    Must remember to write it down

    This is so real

    Like the time Dave floated away

    See, my heart is pounding

    'Cause this shit never happens to me

    I can't breathe right now!

    TOOL- Rosetta Stoned

  27. 31:09 When Hess said "Rook lifts are always fun, you should always play it" I felt that

  28. One of the most brutal adoptions in the history of chess!

  29. can someone explain at 5:54 the move knight on d7 cause its just seems that he's hanging a piece in my eyes

  30. Brandon, wearing a mask, in his room, by his self?

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