The Masters of Bullet Chess Go At It!

Decathlon Event #4, 2 0 Bullet Arena for 2 hours!


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  1. I’d rather see Hikaru with players rated 2700 and up

  2. Bro gets way too offended at a compliment when he loses. I’m a huge fan but that’s douchey…

  3. As a 2000 rated player I wouldn’t have resigned either. If I got my one game to play agains hikaru I’m playing it out lol

  4. Dont be so pompous, youre a chess master… but dont be dumb with your audience

  5. Imagine Hikaru offers draw to the last guy…and he rejected it 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “I’m an idiot sandwich”
    That’s a new one for me 😂

  7. the way he keeps clicking his pieces while waiting is hilarious, Hikaru is just an impatient engine 🤣🤣🤣

  8. 4 minutes into the video and hikaru has done nothing but complain about having to play the game. actual man child

  9. HIKARU is better than gotham chess I hate gotham chess

  10. He tried to draw that game but got “blitzed” 🤓

  11. Stockfish analysis: "Maybe try this 900? LOL"

  12. funniest hikaru video of all time 😂

  13. last game hikaru dodged the bullet that deadly fork would ve got him

  14. The 1000 rated player in the last game had a winning position 😂

  15. With 400+ players, I dont think it is possible to be matched with 3000+ opponents unless all 400 are that high. So you are going to face whoever is available. Otherwise if it was matched the other way, you could have some absorbing matches against your 3000+ opponents, but someone else who is say 2500 but can beat the 1000s quickly and end up with more points. I think its a matter and a skill to be beat the 1000 players as soon as you can and get on to the next match.

  16. Noice 👍🏼🤠🇨🇦
    Does knights are crazy🤟🏼🤯

  17. I wonder if the people complaining about ads realize they can watch the stream ad free on YT after its uploaded. Little wait time but hey, ad free HKN chess!

  18. I like hos upset Hikaru gets when matches against lower rated players, lmao

  19. i love how people hate when Hikaru looses. Playing 2 min on the clock and talking with people at the same time . Try to play with him those 2 minutes when hes not distracted. There is absolutely 0 chance to win. Not even talking about 10 or 15 min 😀 You will get distoyed and probably quit playing period. Bloody waaankers.

  20. When the chess will die. I don’t want

  21. Hikaru’s attitude in this was absolutely abysmal. I understand his frustration but he handles it very poorly

  22. First one to comment! Love your content Hikaru!

  23. Yoooooooooo nikaru hakumura I’m your biggest fan

  24. Chat: compliments hikaru
    Hikaru: thanks for that, get banned

  25. Hikaru should grow out a truckers mustache because no matter what he delivers

  26. it's lunchtime nice i'll watch while eating XD

  27. How about a long overdue Guess The Elo episode?

  28. архат алматов says:

    9 hundred who was trying to enjoy the game but met Hikaru 💀💀

  29. You gonna ban some one for some comment! Can't take little criticism for fun???? Hikaru that not good…. you a real jerk for streamer

  30. 900elo player: “that was a pretty good first game, let’s see how this second game goes…. Is that Hikaru?”

  31. Bro blundered and they gave him a 900 💀

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