The “Jump Cut” Trick | Bullet Chess #293

Playing a bullet session where I track my results across 10 games, ala the “Using the Clock as a Weapon” series. I discuss a useful trick in time scrambles, which I’m going to go ahead and name the “jump cut!” #Chess #BulletChess

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  1. Hey john, is there any way you could play some other streamer and/or youtuber in chess (I know you will win) when your not busy flying, thank you

  2. Bullet may be less instructional but it's great entertainment. Thanks John! Keep them coming!

  3. I play 5|5 and 10 minutes, but I've yet to try a bullet game.

  4. Normally i dont like watching bullet, but I liked this video 🙂 Thanks, John

  5. 13:00 Doesn't Bf1 trap the queen? Granted, Qxd1 and Rxd2 means Black isn't finished yet.

  6. If you didn't commentate your games,; and, instead, popped some adderall, you would prolly be of GM rating, at least on ICC anyway.

  7. Okay John. Your really spoiling us. I wa afraid I was gonna open YouTube and there wouldn't be a upload of yours

  8. These bullet videos are my favorite, out of all John's great videos.

  9. Hey John, I just checked out your “death match” against Lawrence Trent and some of the tactical ideas you came up with were shocking, to me and Trent. In one instance you tried to bait Trent into capturing your knight on A5 so you could then sac your rook on c3, with the goal of pushing your pawn on b3, or at the very least capture his knight on c1 with check, while banking two pawns. If you are ever in need of content ideas it would be great to see you review some of your most memorable tactical and position triumphs (or almost triumphs) and walk us through what aspects of the position helped guide you to such great plays. Cheers

  10. An enjoyable half hour but sometimes I have the same problem watching bullet chess with my 66-years old eyes as I do with hockey – the eyes just can't see the puck when it moves so fast; so I never really understand what's going on in the hockey game. Of course there's an additional problem with the chess in that the 66 years-old brain also runs as slowly as the eyes (double whammy!). But i did enjoy the session – and thanks for the immense amount of content you're producing for us all at the moment.

  11. You’ve mentioned before that sometimes you hesitate or second guess yourself. I thought you’d be interested to know that there have been many psychological studies conducted on decision making, specifically when multiple options/answers are available. The results indicate that most people score higher on tests when they stick with their first, and most instinctual response. If you feel yourself doubting your initial idea, don’t. Trust your experience. Hope this helps.

  12. Hello John, if you are in Germany and need a place to stay contact me. Then we can play chess after I have bottled you with alcohol …. so I have a chance !!! Keep up the good work with your great videos!

  13. As someone who chronically laughs at my own jokes I appreciated 24:08

  14. Hey John, I loved the live coverage when you were down in Texas. You have been doing great things lately. Keep it up.

  15. Hey John, cheers for all the content, hope you're doing well. Not sure if you're aware but if you're holding a chess piece with the mouse by holding left click, if you press right click that will instantly put the piece you were holding back to its original square. It's faster than trying to drag the piece away from the board. Thanks!

  16. Chess players talking about peripheral gear makes me cringe 😂 Turn-based strategy with 30 apm (max, not average) at best and requiring just a single button use…

    Chess is 99% about brain speed rather than hand speed. So if you think you are losing games and/or time because of a subpar mouse – think again and think faster.

    Your hand (even untrained) and mouse are perfectly capable of following your commands. Once you start playing games with over 100apm and especially after you reach 200 vapm – then your gear actually becomes important.

  17. I use that mouse too cus my gf doesn't like my noisy clicks!

  18. Fins, to get your piece back to the original position after you picked it up, just right click

  19. Right click to cancel move man it’s so clutch

  20. oh i like the idea of the jump cut. lord knows i play much dirtier premove tricks anyway

  21. Yo John great video as usual, just wanted to say that you can also press right click to cancel a piece move, which is usually more handy and faster than the "drag to another square" trick. Great tip on the jump cut btw! I am aware of this "technique" but I keep forgetting to implement it in practice.

  22. I actually really enjoyed the quick analyses you gave!

  23. A chaotic game where both players had many chances to win.

  24. John, seems like you are enjoying streaming again. Glad to have you back and hope that you are having fun with it! We all love it

  25. I engoy your vieeos, John. Keep going 👍👍

  26. Ahhh i tried! I'm a big fan of your channel John and i watch all your videos but i just can't watch bullet. Keep up the good work though John you're awesome!!

  27. I have to keep up with you regularly man. Had no idea you were in Dallas! Would love to meet you one day!

  28. Hi John,
    Please please please please more bullet games ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Another great video! Thanks, John.

    I'm just a lowly <1000 rated blitz player who is too scared to try bullet, but hopefully one day I will be half as good as you!

  30. Hi John. Just one question if I may. How can you have a super GM rating [2700 plus] at bullet chess and not be a GM in normal chess???

  31. I enjoy your videos but bullet chess is just to fast for me to watch with pleasure. I always watch you standard chess games as soon as you post them. Please play more standard chess!!!

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