The Greatest Bullet Game Of 2023

The Greatest Bullet Chess Game Of 2023 – Vidit Gujarati vs Magnus Carlsen Speed Chess Championship bullet chess.

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  1. "It's checkmate in 3. Can you find it"

    Me: No. 🤬 I'm not Magnus Carlsen.😒😤 Still love your videos though.🤌🏽

  2. 1:50 But did Magnus shout EN PASSANT as loud as he could? Or else it's invalid.

  3. This man plays better with 1 minute on the clock than I could ever hope to play if I had an hour for each move.

  4. Magnus observes the board in a unique way. When playing against super grandmasters like Vidit and other chess greats, how does Magnus consistently display such positional mastery on the board? Is there now no one who can consistently outplay Magnus at his own game like Hans did once?

  5. He is like wine. Just gets better with age.

  6. I watched this live, just insane calculation and execution at speed from the GOAT

  7. I think we're kinda getting addicted to Magnus Magic 😂

  8. Very much enjoy your analysis 🙂 I hope we see a lot more videos to come. Thank you for all of your work!

  9. “The Sauron of Chess”
    – Hikaru Nakamura –

  10. Did you check the other game where he played Nb3?

  11. Good thing to omit the deep search and go for the energetic sound you get when you don't analyze down to a stalemate 30 moves ahead. This game particularly deserved the Ascot atmosphere :). Really well done.

    Gujarati was a mere onion under Carlsen's well-maintained kitchen tools. Great game.

  12. i have no idea why this is the goodest bullet game

  13. Do the Nxb4 followed by Qf2 tactic next. The fact he saw that in 3 seconds is unreal.

  14. Magnus was speeding at about 40km faster the poor Vidit

  15. Yes, was watching this today. Was unreal.

  16. Unequivocally, this is the greatest bullet match of the decade.

  17. Magnus is unparalleled. There are no equals. We are lucky to be in this era.

  18. Magnus the Magnificent! He could even do that blindfold.

  19. Magnus definitely saw Bc4, the idea that he missed that is a bit nonsensical, as it's rather obvious to a player of that caliber. I think it's more the fact that even after Bc4 the continuation is not clear at all after white plays Re1, because black has to play precisely with the bishops to maintain the advantage as white starts moving the other rook. I think it's rather that this continuation was too complicated to delve into in a bullet game, not that he somehow missed a very obvious discovery tactic.

  20. Magnus is boring. Certainty is boring. Domination is boring.

  21. Wow! This Magnus lad is going to be good one day if he keeps practicing!

  22. I actually saw the mate with the bishops [… Bb6+, (Rc5 Bxc5+,) Kf3 Bg4#] immediately once it was on the board after … Rg1, Kf2 but the play leading up to that point was sublime and well beyond my abilities.

  23. Excellent explanation! Very refreshing not seeing a billion iterations and getting straight to the point. Thanks good stuff

  24. Getting checkmate in bullet chess on a full developed board is insane.

  25. criss cross apple sauce check mate. love it

  26. This is the reason Magnus want the WCC format changed

  27. This guy seems pretty good. Maybe one day he'll become World Champion…

  28. Every Grandmaster's nightmare: Magnus Carlsen

  29. "and here Vidit makes a blunder, he should have cover with the bishop but even then that's the losing move"

  30. That looked so easy I thought "it could have been Magnus against me". Except, his opponend was a GM…😂😂😂

  31. you should check out his other bullet game as black, he played at 98.1% accuracy in that one

  32. This is the equivalent of painting the entire Sistine Chapel in less than 15 minutes.

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