The Best Moments of the Bullet Chess Championship

The 2021 Bullet Chess Championship starts March 31 so to get hyped here’s the best bullet chess moments from the last time we had the tournament!

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  1. I wasn't expecting anyone to match Grischuk's savegery but Aronian just might be our guy

  2. I can never tell is Danny is crying to laughing…or both

  3. Radical

    That's how i Describe Mr.Hess's Hairstyle. 😎✌

  4. Danny Rensch is just superb. His reaction on ‘chennis’ is so pure, so joyful, so completely Danny I woke my wife up laughing, showed her why and she laughed too.

  5. Aronian the real star. Can we get him to commentate? I don't know if he could keep sharp all day like that but he is hilarious.

  6. Wow Levy Rozman was a hell lot younger back then…..

  7. Can anyone explain me why the first one is a draw pls?

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