Streaming Bullet Chess

Bullet chess Anish Giri

Thumbnail photo by Lennart Ootes

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  1. Hey AnishCould you play a 1+0 match with Sergei Zhigalko? I am sure he accepts the offer, it's a honor to play with you, and it would be a huge fun to watch for all subscribers.

  2. Excited to master the grunfeld with Dutch #1 Anish Giri!

  3. so why your photo was in vidit simul poster of wildr in cbi club,will you also give simul some day in cbi club😁mumbai

  4. Chess style of narrator: very unique (and mostly constant) stream of sarcasm that I think British people call ‘dry humor’…8/10

  5. Thanks to the IM for drawing the 10th game, we got half an hour more of Anish 😂

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