Strategic Brilliance!! Daniel Naroditsky Dominates in Bullet Chess Showdown!

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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Edited by @ClydeBarber (check out some of my original music on YT)

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  1. Yes thanks for the unedited stream!

  2. музыка просто супер 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Danya, you’re incredible as a commentator in the SCC. However I’d love to see you as a participant next time! Bullet beast 💯

  4. Was this the most recent Bullet Brawl? On October 21?

  5. Bro ik it's bullet and he's like 100 games deep, but I'm a little high and I freaked out here at 1:14:52 where white had Rxe5 and I just wanted to say as much.

  6. Bro has the infinite Red Bull code on.

  7. You need to add the date of the brawl to the description. Also would be amazing to see standings on between games

  8. You know it's a good one when you instantly have to turn it to 0.5x speed so you can follow the games.

  9. Thrilling to see it when it was live; thrilling to watch it again. An all-time classic: brilliant play, resilient spirit, and an image of what it means to love the game of chess.

  10. 2:50: 🎮 The video is about a chess game being played and commented on by the speaker.
    23:05: ⚔️ The speaker is playing a chess game and discussing their strategy and thoughts.
    55:40: 🏆 The speaker plays a chess game and wins against a skilled opponent.
    1:21:44: 😅 The video is a chess game commentary with moments of panic and mistakes.
    1:45:35: 🥴 The video is about a chess player reflecting on their recent games and discussing their strategy and results.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  11. Yeeees!!! I've been waiting for bullet brawls!? Please post them more often..

  12. So complimentary of everyone near your level except yourself.

  13. This must be mentally so exhausting… 2 hours of pure concentration. I wonder what is more difficult. 2 hours of bullet or 1 2 hour classical match

  14. To understand the games playing video on 0.25x speed 😅

  15. Beats Hikaru in a very sharp game
    Never change Danya

  16. congrats – could only watch the last 20 minutes or so, but some of it was good strong chess – enjoyed – thx

  17. Good job man, i was cheering for you during this, i was tryna tell Hikaru, just let him win this event, even though hikaru wasnt reading chat of course.

  18. Why is he avoiding playing Hikaru when he needs Hikaru to lose?

  19. my favorite move so far was the move you made at twenty five minutes and forty five seconds in. thanks to your end game course. you're on fire! thanks so much

  20. Daniel, there's one thing I don't understand when watching your amazing tournament streams: I don't get it when you complain about pairings. Is there some luck involved in that aspect? Sure. But if you win because you played weaker opponents, does that really represent a great victory? In this fan's opinion, the complaints just aren't classy….Thanks for your videos!

  21. Crazy thing is Daniel is still improving every day. He could start stringing together a lot of bullet tournament victories and really cement his greatness 🎉

  22. Hi Danya! Thanks for the super exciting content, as always. Can I make a small request? Could you please also include the leaderboard on the screen for the Bullet Brawl tournaments? I think it adds to the value when the viewers can see where others are on the leaderboard and how it's changing every few seconds.

  23. Sadly lost a lot of games against Hikaru and Magnus.

  24. Daniel is so tricky and slick. In street blitz chess we call that sneak tactics lol. And redbull always the secret weapon for me when I play lol.

  25. Well played Daniel. Your other videos are fantastic too. I'm definitely much better because of you. Thanks Pal

  26. Why does he expect people to resign when they blunder their queen and when he mouseslips his queen he keeps playing

  27. Hi Danya, in the game against Hikaru at 42:26 I believe you had Qc7 f5 cxb6! If Qxc7 bxc7 Rc8 Bx Rx Rb8 wins. Maybe I’m missing something but it looks crushing. If after cxb6 he played Qf6 perhaps bxa7 is simplest. These are fun videos to watch and pause when you are calculating too fast for me to keep up

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