Round of 16 | Magnus Carlsen vs Gukesh D. | Blitz, Bullet chess | SCC 2022 | 06/12/22

Speed Chess Championship 2022 | Round of 16
90 min of blitz chess 3+1
30 min of bullet chess 1+1
GM MagnusCarlsen vs GM gukesh d | | 06/12/22

#magnuscarlsen #gukesh #blitzchess


  1. The day is the day Gukesh told to himself this will be the day I will show the world who I am and to show to Carlsen what I am capable of, after years of training, hard work and perseverance, Carlsen will know I am the most capable of challenging the throne, but for Carlsen the day is just Tuesday and thinking to himself should he I titled Tuesday or Drink some beer or do both.

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