Premove Master Plows Through 800s in Bullet Matrix Speedrun 3

Hikaru’s premoving the s**t out of the 800s in The Bullet Matrix Speedrun Part 3. Hikaru’s retiring from recreational bullet play online and is doing so with one last Bullet Speedrun. Watch him stomp his way from scrub level (500) to as high as he can go, maybe 3200?? Should be fun!

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  1. You Should Bring back the bongcloud. XD It was a top tier strategy

  2. In Dota when high ELO (MMR) players play with low ELO accounts we call that smurfing and its a bannable offense 😂 but fun to see as an educational video and comparison of skill

  3. Hikaru: Winning very fast against 800's
    Me: Losing fast against 800's
    Our battle will be legendary

  4. Hikaru premoving his way through 800s in bullet: "I am speed"

  5. Neo : What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets? Morpheus : No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

  6. Almost ate my food close one , I knew editor would deliver

  7. These videos show why anybody under 1600 should never play bullet.

  8. You can dislike a comment, but it will not make any difference. That makes me mad. Bye.

  9. He's Hikaru Nakamura and he's the fastest chess player alive.⚡

    Who has watched the series?

  10. I'm losing the blitz games because of timings but winning the rapid ones. I want hikaru's speed.

  11. bro this intro is nuts… editor is fucking god for real!!!!

  12. 800s Hikaru plays against: frequently blunder pieces and forks
    400s I play against: I am grandmaster

  13. Obviously your chess skills are epic, but great job with the visuals and marketing, super cool dude!

  14. That guy in the second game is actually really good. Massively underrated.

  15. Comment section, I need your help…

    What Playlist is Hikaru listening to in the background?

  16. Premoving in bullet is dangerous because people have no idea what they're doing

  17. Calling a 900 rated bullet player “serious”… what is chess coming to

  18. Naka vs Stockfish But the opening is complet ramdom

  19. Need Hikaru checking out a juicer in red dress at the intro

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