Premove Master Plows Through 800s in Bullet Matrix Speedrun 3

Hikaru’s premoving the s**t out of the 800s in The Bullet Matrix Speedrun Part 3. Hikaru’s retiring from recreational bullet play online and is doing so with one last Bullet Speedrun. Watch him stomp his way from scrub level (500) to as high as he can go, maybe 3200?? Should be fun!

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  1. wait how is his rating staying at 800 something after 50 straight wins?

  2. Same thumbnail that. Vidit Gujarati used in his video some time ago.

  3. This is called griefing! Waste of his time and talent.

  4. Hikaru blunders his queen at 5:00? His opponent missed it and likely couldn't have come back, but I believe it's a mistake

  5. so confused why hikaru playing 800's….why any real chess player would even talk about 800's

  6. Wth stop the premove, i cant really follow it 😂😂

  7. He's out here retiring people from bullet

  8. Can’t premove a whole game but can premove the win count. That’s sus.

  9. This guy does this while casually talking to chat lol

    and then uncorks "yea this game is not going very well for my opponent"

  10. "If I get to 3000 with zero losses" – Father Hikaru

  11. All I'm learning is that 800s are almost all chess smurfs lmfao like he's taking longer to think about moves than at 1300

  12. It's really crazy how all it takes to beat Hikaru is the right moves

  13. Plot twist all the good chess players are time travelers

  14. This is painful to watch as a 400 rated player

  15. Lennox Lewis is a lil older and he’s improved to 2,000

  16. If this dude can get to 3000 without losing I can get to 1600 with below 400 loses

  17. This guy can beat me under 20s even without his queen.

  18. Why play speed chess at like 600 ELO lol slow down you’re not Hikaru

  19. as a 900 rated player it was actually very enlightening watching hikaru vaguely talk about his gameplan and still obliterate his first opponent while i managed to understand everything, everything was so purposeful

  20. Ice skater: rook backrank mate
    Cheese: obvious trick
    Lobster pincer: cornered king checkmate threat (almost unstoppable)
    Tickle Tickle: checking the king in a repetitive sequence to mock an opponent
    GG’s: you’ve lost against Hikaru

  21. Me looking at the thumbnail: That was a massive forehead

  22. Bro the intros… My god! Not everyday chess gets you banging!

  23. Alternate title- Evil grandmaster bullies 800s Elo rated players for 20+minutes

  24. 2:51 how is bishop h6 cheesing Hikaru? Doesn't Black bishop just take?

  25. Bro's gonna plow through me I hope he's a good finisher(endgame player)💀💀💀

  26. With that thumbnail, I expected a title like "I kidnapped a 800 rated player in order to groom them for chess."

  27. Why is it every game I'm like "WHOAHHHH!" Poor randoms getting played out of their minds.

  28. I have never seen in a bullet match someone also give hints of threats and opportunities with arrows on the board. You really need to be a GM like Hikaru to be able to give these hints having only 60 seconds to make the match. Really Wow!

  29. 10:05 Hikaru became one of those video game characters that keeps repeating the same line because you keep bumping into him.

  30. Your thumbnail looks like manny pacquiao in a flash suit

  31. Why isn't Anyone talking about the Thumbnail
    Holy Crap 🗿

  32. Just how many cheating reports must that account get

  33. 30 wins in 45 minutes, including opponent's time. That's messed up.

  34. I don't know why someone would abort because they realize it's him. I think it would be really cool to play him ! Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity

  35. Of course it’s “not going well” for your opponent. Your a GM he’s a 750 😂😂

  36. some of these players are actually decent until their endgame they just blunder due to time scramble

  37. Even today, after like 3-4 times rewatching this, I’m still confused how Hikaru makes bullet look so easy. He seems not to think at all, but actually he calculates more moves in few seconds than we do in weeks

  38. What is this speedrun about? I mean, there was the disrespect, and this is matrix, what is matrix about?

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