paulw7uk – in bullet chess you have to maintain a constant steady speed.

#shorts paulw7uk chess. when you play bullet chess, whatever your rating level, you have to try to maintain a constant steady speed, not much thinking time, or the clock can run down rapidly.


  1. I like the dual angle idk why but it’s cool seeing your set up! Love your content as well 😄

  2. When opponent's time left 7.02sec, couldn't you play Bxd5? It seems a free pawn, but you are great player, so nevermind.

  3. I dont know if is a good move, but after he moves RxH4, you can play BxD5 check, if he takes you win a pawn, if not you take in C6, if he plays Bxh2, he will have a bad position for the bishop

  4. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Is there a chance you’ll play us(your yt viewers)?

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