paulw7uk chess. win v 1670 bullet chess on

#shorts paulw7uk chess. good win v 1670 in 1-min bullet chess on game on lichess:


  1. Well Paul, you can't break a few eggs without breaking a few eggs

  2. Why did he hang his queen like that? Im new to chess but even I wouldn't do that

  3. How did you get such strong position with this. I use the Italian and fried liver opening all the time and never get this positioning. Do you have uploads of full games?

  4. İ m 2150-2350 player and game was funny 👌😃

  5. This is the one person on the whole internet who uses lichess, and he’s great at it.

  6. I like your content! is there anywhere I can follow more closely, like a discord or something?

  7. Man I wish all my opponents were this weak!

  8. It says at the top right u are an international master. Are you?

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