paulw7uk chess v 1673 tough game bullet

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on we played a good game 86% v 81% with 2 blunders each, on another day could easily have lost this one. game on


  1. you can premove there cuz if he block by knight it become illegal move and cancel out.

  2. I like watching your shorts ! Calm and entertaining

  3. Why did he not take the rook 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Holy christmas, you are playing like a GM!

  5. king pre moves that are piece (not pawn) captures are always safe.
    In this case Kxe3 is a safe premove because no matter where the piece moves it always guards the square it moves from so the premove will get cancelled.

  6. could black play Ne3 before sacrificing the rook? that way black wouldnt lose material

  7. Lol same thing happened to me, resign 1-2 moves off checkmate, I was just about to have one of the most beautiful checkmates I’ve ever had and he resigned. That just shows they don’t care about the art of chess and are probably very stressed while playing. Games are meant for fun

  8. Why exchange everything? You had a dominant position and gave black hope. You had so many better plans than just trading there. Both knights are pinned, the queen can't go far away and the rook can never attack your queen. Even if you give black two free moves to untangle with …Qc8 and …Kd8 you can still force the trade and get the same position you had in game. That means you're wasting at least two free moves. You can start gobbling pawns, you could start doubling on the c file. You could try to blast open the position with e4. Outside of just blundering the queen or a piece, exchanging queens was probably the worst plan on the board.

    Not really trying to rant but I just get frustrated when I see players giving their opponents favors like this.

  9. You actually can premove a capture with the kind because if the piece moves then its illegal

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