paulw7uk chess v 1447 good effort bullet

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on good effort by opponent considering the rating gap but managed to gain an advantage and convert without messing up. game on


  1. you missed a queen sacrifice in this game it's Qg5

  2. Вхахвхаххаххааххахааххв 1400 соперник, так держать

  3. Wtf was that ending that couldve gone a million ways and this is the one I didn't expect at all

  4. Bro missed a checkmate on rook takes h 7

  5. Very simple. Why upload this. Do you think it makes you look big and clever ?

  6. Well Paul, you're smart enough to see more than a couple moves ahead!

  7. Bro's mouse makes more sounds than my keyboard while I'm playing fortnite 😂

  8. hi sir, can i ask you something.
    my question is how pawn can check mate the king?
    (im still beginner on chess)

  9. U missed a mate in 1 should have taken pawn on h7 with rook when king was fleeing

  10. No one gonna talk about how pawn e7 was a check

  11. Why is everybody just hating in the comments, you guys gotta chill out

  12. En tus doce segundos tenías Txh7 mate. (Rxh7 checkmate(👈English))

  13. rook h7 was mate a few turns back hard to spot under pressure though


  15. Playing against a 1440 amature and explaining his move as if he is playing against Carlsen

  16. why didn't black take the new queen with the king instead of using the black queen and leaving the knight undefended

  17. Me as a 900 rated player shouting for him to play #Rh7

  18. After king h5 he could’ve done rook h7 checkmate

  19. sick, good explained slow better for me as a newer player, thank you

  20. missed 2 mates tho. good thing still taking the w

  21. Instead of mentioning that you missed mate with Rxh7#, I’m going to mention the fact how well the position was transferred into winning the game. Missing Rxh7# is a just another mistake that even high level players do, there’s always room for improvement and that’s the good thing I like about chess. Great video, keep it up!

  22. Can someone explain how he used pawn to put it in check?

  23. Every mn will post the vedio of hia good position and make use of it but post in worst position and win it like hikaru magnus ,rose,gukesh

  24. I was bout to say that he missed a rook mate in 1 but I guess it's arl

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