paulw7uk chess v 1447 good effort bullet

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on good effort by opponent considering the rating gap but managed to gain an advantage and convert without messing up. game on


  1. i’m a trash chess player so i’m confused how did the pawn check the king the king was 2 squares to the side

  2. when oppoment move kis king to f5 i saw checkmate in 1

  3. hello whats the sound you use when the pieces moves

  4. There was a missed mate in one later in the video. But good game.

  5. Rxh7 could’ve won the game faster but well played

  6. Black hanged the queen😂😂
    Both players are calm

  7. He sacrifice THE QUEEEEEEN!! Then the ROOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!

  8. Why post on yt when u don’t have emotion and especially no relatability or entertainment. Like seriously, I’m disliking mf.

  9. Rook to H7 would have been checkmate earlier. Rook had the H file covered, Queen has the dark square diagonal covered and the Knight was protecting G4. In the moment in game I might have missed it too though because it’s happening real fast.

  10. rh7 missed mate but ofc it was impossible to see it quick cuz it is a bullet game

  11. You missed mate with rook take pawn, but you're still way better than me mate, good game!😅

  12. He missed check mate d7 rook takes h7 pawn

  13. 3-4 moves before mate he can mate with rook h7

  14. Missed checkmate should’ve moved pawn up one then ur queen to check mate him leavening nowhere to go

  15. missed mate in 1. but very well played

  16. Well, probably you could do sth better earlier as I saw in comments but well winning moves are winning moves. Just the easiest path is the best in low time in winning positions.

  17. I love how this guy is the most calmest chess player.

  18. Damn you took few steps ahead of another way to win, I've never seen grandmasters happen like that

  19. Why didn't he take the pawn with the queen on the check?

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