paulw7uk chess. smooth win vs 1894 in bullet chess on

#shorts paulw7uk chess. one of my better games today, nice win vs 1894 in this 1-min bullet chess game on game on


  1. always love watching how calm and collected you are while playing

  2. Does it annoy you when people don’t resign in these moments?

  3. I love how calm he plays Bullet great control

  4. He should’ve forked you with knight to c3

  5. Why do you always play someone 300 points lower than you?

  6. People cant believe you are playing with 1800+ rated player XD

  7. I wouldve missed almost all of those moves, well played

  8. drop a tournament team link will show you some blitz hunters

  9. Opponent had Rook takes C3 to win a pawn but that’s about it

  10. You make it look like so easyyy😭😭😭

  11. I could listen to you say “take” all day

  12. Well Paul, I guess you really are something

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