Part 1: GM Ben Finegold vs WFM Alexandra Botez Bullet Chess Battle

Check out Ben’s Chessable courses here! Part 1: A Bullet Chess Battle between WFM Alexandra Botez and GM Benjamin Finegold. It was a race to 50 points — One point for a win and half a point for a draw. Alexandra Botez gets to start with 35 points. Can she beat Ben to 50.

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  1. 9:15 both of them do a mouse slip which coincidentally was still a good move… To be so good you can't even blunder!

  2. Alex : he's gonna tire after 10 games
    Alex after 10+ games : did someone switch him for a younger version of Ben ??

  3. lol) She is cute no question and she has the cutest dumbest comments ever. And that is no question too :))

    just believe in yourself type of girl. Well dear, 500 points lower rating in blitz than Rawwr is sad but true. And the truth hurts 🙂

  4. Did Ben invent the term "Botez gambit"?

  5. she is beautiful how could you beat her Ben 😛

  6. “Botez very good at flagging”. If they played OTB, she would be confused. Ben is super fast otb

  7. Ben finegold commentary: Never play F3, Never play F6, Go Ben, What's the score? She resigned? Cool

  8. 46:25…..I could watch her walk away from the screen all day😉

  9. This is one beautiful looking chess player.
    Alexandra looks alright too, I guess

  10. As someone with poor hearing in the left ear I spent ages wondering why I couldn't hear Ben. Couldn't really enjoy it the same unfortunately

  11. Ok i am from india and i don't wanna be a creep but this chess player is so preety,i mean the voice the eyes everything, the annoying part of the video is the ugly girl talking in between.

  12. She is impressivly commentary while facing the teacher of teachers.

  13. LMAO I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VIDEO ….Ben you made her look cringe as fuck in front of her thirsty followers lol …shit was hilarious should play qvc and make him quit chess lmao 😂

  14. Alexandra Botez while losing 35:1: "I could just keep flagging him in every game you know"

  15. I love how Botez managed to squeeze her mattress advertisement into Ben's stream.

  16. Every so often in my daily routine I'll just randomly say " yeyy go ben "!

  17. To be fair, she didn't stop talking/interacting, instead of fully concentrating

  18. I dont like the way she treats him, she should have more respect.

  19. "Finegold" won't do justice, it's "EnrichedUranium" or something!

  20. Wiked mate with the knight Ben 🤣. I thought you were supposed to "get tired and take a nap" 😂🤣

  21. Don't you love playing on a platform where a premove takes time off your clock? lichess for life 🙂

  22. That’s because he’s GM Ben Finegold and you’re not

  23. Fun games. Its fairly plain why Ben is a GM, incredibly good fundamental player who plays lines outside of the common. Because he can.

  24. Talk less and concentrate more- you might play better…

  25. The only more terrifying game is Botez vs Hikaru! Ben proves GM like a boss.

  26. Fro godsake this woman it's like a radio 😱

  27. Was this prime Botez? (Looks wise) She looks very good here

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