Over-the-board bullet chess be like…

Andrew Tang vs Hans Niemann OTB 1 min chess.

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  1. I think you'll find that when you have less than five seconds on the clock, the squares are more of a suggestion. More… guidelines, really.

  2. they take the "chess is battlefield" to another level

  3. The Dutch angle, the 30 pack box of hot chips in the background, the 360 p quality, the incorrect orientation of the board, the actual chaos of the game, the final slow poke insult: this is the perfect chess video!

  4. Love how theres no touch move literally even makes me more confused on whats going on

  5. This game really should be online. With pre-moves and everything.

  6. They’re definitely casting some kind of Naruto jutsu

  7. I tried this and my opponent promotes 12 times and resigned because of a mouse slip.

  8. alt title: keeping pieces where ever the fuck I like

  9. i was accidentally watching this 1.25x speed and was like whaaaaaat hooow

  10. i dont see the essence of playin like this. too many illegal moves, 1 piece placed in 2 squares, 😆..i play bullet in online only

  11. But… how do you do this without the machine telling you when moves are illegal ?

  12. I took my pawn with another pawn, I didnt notice, my opponent didnt notice and continued playing, someone else watching us stoop up and said Hey you just took your pawn!!
    Lol, moved back a couple of moves

  13. The guy on the left used both hands at some point… this is not legal

  14. I feel like I just saw a rook that was just captured casually move 😂😂

  15. Once The Queens Were Gone All Hell Broke Loose

  16. For those unfortunate enough to not partake, this is pretty accurate

  17. this video was published a year ago by Twitch Shots, and then 5 months ago by Daily Overdose of Chess
    and i very much doubt one of those is the original video
    please stop reposting with no source

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