Over-the-board bullet chess be like…

Andrew Tang vs Hans Niemann OTB 1 min chess.

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  1. i cant believe this wasnt a meme and instead an actual game

  2. With minimal levels of sleight of hand you can remove one of your opponents pieces every turn

  3. whoever tells you chess can be played one handed is a liar

  4. the timer is gonna be broken if they keep doin this

  5. Why don't they make foot pedal clocks for chess?

  6. amazing they could even track how the board looks like given how pieces are flying here and there

  7. Isso tem cara de um video antigo, me lembra os vídeos de 11 anos atrás

  8. I love how the black king just falls down like "I'm ded. Please end this madness"

  9. the board while the game continues: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  10. Man recreated an anime battle in chess lol, and that "guess who's the slow poke in chess now" had me dying XD

  11. GM Hikaru analyses the best chess game ever played when?

  12. When he grabbed from the blacks dead pile, and put it back on the board lMAO

  13. 30 second each side bullet chess over the board…

  14. Lmao I had my playback speed set to 2x and I was trippin for a second at how you were moving so fast

  15. Aren't you supposed to use only one hand or am I crazy?

  16. its actually so crazy how people can understand whats going on

  17. I don't play chess. I know how to play it, played quite a bit but this shit… This shit had me dying.

  18. Fun fact: if your opponent places their piece in a confusing manner, you can slam the clock back down at them and shout “ADJUST YO PIECES” until they adjust their pieces, thus gaining a time advantage

  19. I mean, you can try to understand what's happening. It's just that you can't (well I can't) understand that fast

  20. Bro just use the Take-everything-else gambit

    Unfortunately you can only use it if your elo is 0 and higher

  21. IDK what was going on the board, I don't even want to know

  22. I just realised that the king was under check and my man just pawn pushed

  23. Bruh, that black rock get taken 3 time and still there

  24. Are these Uchihas or what??? Even the board can't keep up with these guys

  25. I just love how aggressive it got past halfway

  26. "I can't speedchess"
    "Doesn't matter just grab something"

  27. I wouldn't be surprised if they just starting fighting

  28. Gosh they violated the touch rule like there is no tomorrow.

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