No, Magnus. Bullet Is Hikaru’s Game

Magnus Carlsen joins the Sept 16 Bullet Brawl and is unlucky enough to run into Hikaru.


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  1. This was so much fun to watch. Love the bullet casting.

  2. reading latest comments you can tell what all the sheep have in common – they are f-ed and have nothing to add to this world. Save the planet from the sheep not Co2 … jabbing them well.

  3. Who else came back to the game after Magnus won the Speed Chess Championship against Hikaru

  4. Nah he just lost SCC against Magnus 😭

  5. Can't believe you lost your game (bullet) today and against magnus 😂

  6. this didnt age well as magnus won the speed chess championship

  7. While I know you said you had a bit of an off day, as Magnus said as well about himself, still what a beautiful slugfest the SCC championship was, appreciate the content you put out for us day in and day out!

  8. Hey Hikaru , i realized when you play Magnus on a normal time speed , you are with exchanging your knight for bishop, next time try to keep your knights alive and see how it goes. I know they can be a terror on offense.

  9. 🧠🧠🧠🧠⚡️🐙⚡️🧠🧠🧠🧠

  10. Here after SCC. No Hikaru, Bullet is Magnus' game

  11. Dont watch this after scc match 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. only 400 dollars for top place, bruh these players deserve soo much more !!!

  13. Lmao at everyone saying this aged poorly. 1+1 in the SCC is a lot different than 1+0.

  14. Bullet is indeed Magnus's game. It is also Hikaru's game. But MAGNUS is a titan in all time controls. Best rounded player of all times, all around.

  15. u are a choke artist magnus probably makes a splooge on your big forehead all the time in real life after you are done dropping his pawls in your mouth u probably wish he would splooge everywhere on u and not just on your forehead but he choose your forehead because he says that maybe if your brain will absorb his splooge then you will no longer be idiot and it will make u better at the chess game this is because he enjoys the way u touch his pawls with the tip of your nose but u made it weird for him when he was just trying to foodge and u started to cry in his bed and told him that u loved him but he was just trying to bone , u always make it weird. he was just tryin to send ship his pawls and u got attached and told him u xloved him. U made it weird and u blunder a lot but your biggest blunder was when u cried in magnus bed after he cooomed

  16. Hikaru only mentions the juicer only when Hikaru farts just in case someone heard him fart he has the excuse to say 'And now the juicer!'

  17. hikaru better than magnus in bullet? are you smoking something with these titles? Maybe you didnt see SCC 2022 and just now, SCC 2023 yesterday. Magnus smoked milkaru in the bullet portion both times. Magnus is the best bullet player of all time.

  18. This was just practice for the SCC and I think it made a difference in the outcome. of the SCC.

  19. Always a good thing whenever you and Magnus go at it, especially speed chess. Ggs no matter what the outcome!

  20. รꫝỉꪹỉꪶร says:

    Online chess is just Magnus and Hikaru bullying other GMs

  21. Watching magnus playing is absolutely beautiful, unless he is playing against you 😉

  22. What is that music beat that comes on after the intro while he’s playing Magnus?

  23. really alireza is better than you guys in bullet? i dont know enough about him, except i know magnus respects him a lot

  24. Except that Magnus crushed Hikaru in the bullet portion of the last SCC

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