Nihal Sarin | Bullet Brawl Arena | Titled Bullet Arena 1+0 | September 23, 2023 | chesscom

Bullet Brawl – New Titled Bullet Arena – bullet chess 1+0
2500 $ prize
Bullet Brawl | NihalSarin | September 23, 2023

#bulletbrawl #gmhikaru #bulletchess

#bulletbrawl #gmhikaru #chess


  1. 1:45:46 if you wanna see some real chess rather than 2000 fm's blundering pieces on mobe 10. Between tang and nihal, a real clutch and end of a 43 game streak.

  2. very good streak, but Hikaru faced stronger players, that's why he got a good advantage

  3. This video tells that if you play quick enough, they will all blunder against you

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