Nakamura’s Knockouts: Bullet Chess Challenge

Hikaru Nakamura gives the viewers what they want as he takes on ChessBrah Aman Hambleton in bullet chess and takes odds challenges from viewers.

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  1. Why is Naka not higher rated in classical?
    'What's the worst that can happen, maybe I'll lose the game. So, let's go for this, but maybe I'm crazy… yeah, I'm crazy, that's not going to do it. Oh, well, next game, let's see here.' 😉

  2. I'm the best chess player on the world…I haven't lost to the computer in years. If Magnus pisses me off I'll take over the top ranking

  3. It's so easy to beat 2700 players if you're naka…sheesh.

  4. honest question im a noob, how do you know that your opponent does not use any cheating software? is there an anti cheat system and is it working well?

  5. I would pay 100$ to have you take 5-7 shots of tequila and then ~20 min later play 10 bullet games against you, can you offer this?

  6. 6:15 …and then he'll surprise everyone by playing the Hippo every game in the World Cup.

  7. Cristóvão Buarque, apesar de esquerdista "em geral" (a favor da diminuniação do estado em vários pontos) é um cara bem razoável e decente.

  8. Hambleton is Naka's personal whipping boy.

  9. I imagine how is his everyday life: should I cross the street? maybe not, I don't see why not even if don't want to but I will try anyway, lets see xD

  10. I hate I never catch the stream live. I'd have been throwing Lincolns at you until you got tired of beating me like a red-headed stepchild! Keep the Nakouts coming, GM HN! Thanks for the great content.

  11. It's cool how much Naka improve when stop talking and REALLY focus.

  12. "I think I'm live. If I'm not live, could someone let me know" eh?

  13. I'm RobotikEmpire who challenged Hikaru and got my ass beat lol

  14. "If I'm not live someone let me know" ….

    Top chess player showing his superior intelligence.

  15. Dubov's nickname is taken after Russian movie "Духless" and pronounced as dooHless, with fricative H. Just FYI 🙂

  16. I hope these streams never stop. Chess could grow some like ESports if there were more personalities to connect to. Good for the game.

  17. I agree with the one guy. Anything less than $10 doesn't even register to me. A rounding error. No difference than $0 cost at the end of the month. Hell yeah I'd shell out 5 bones to have Naka on my account. If I had that skill, I'd charge more, and I'm not even a big capitalist. I heard him say that and I thought "Damn, hell of a deal, thought it'd be more."

  18. Yes I forgot that he had e5 the truth is I didn't forget because I didn't even fucking see it in the first place

  19. I know this will sound silly to just about every decent level chessplayer, but it's kindof nice for a novice like myself to notice a tactic that someone as inhumanly skilled as Hikaru missed! At 21:31 click pause and see if you can spot it! Hikaru just saw a fork that won an exchange and went for it, but I would have played a different move which I saw immediately and I think is much stronger, do you agree or disagree? 🙂 I guess since he was talking throughout the game and playing someone rated over a thousand points less than him, he was not paying much attention perhaps 🙂

  20. the captions are so bad at understanding naka. check out 12:25 when it goes on about fish bait. lolzers.

  21. Russians too slow today, I don't know what's wrong with him…. m/ naka

  22. If you notice him saying "um" after every single word, it's almost unwatchable because you know it's coming.

  23. The last game on opposite colored bishop ending: "I don't know if I will continue playing this, probably not." continues for 10 seconds more and complains how annoying playing him is. No more games…

  24. giving advice to a 1500 player: "in the opening it's important not to play too fast"
    immediately plays his first 10 moves next game in 3 seconds total
    lol. i get that he was tailoring the advice to the 1500 player, and he knows that opening in and out, but it was still funny to me.

  25. Hello everyone, Hello Hikaru Nakamura! Greetings from me, Rilum Osmanaj!

  26. This is amazing he’s the exact same 3 years later contradicts every move he makes lmao

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