Nakamura vs Caruana Chess in Ferguson, Missouri

Watch two of the best chess players of all time battle it out over the board in a special chess goodwill visit to a school in Ferguson, Missouri.

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  1. At 2:26, why the black king can't move forward to avoid check?

  2. no one talkin bout how annoying the audience is…

  3. The kid with the dark blue shirt’s head is going places, literally.

  4. Haha. That's black boy with the blue shirt is funny!

  5. just wondering does this work: 1:05 (after black Rc8) white Rfa1 (with plans for Ra4) is black's queen trapped/is there a good counter? I kept staring at the queen and how restricted the spaces were with those bishops

  6. Bishop and rook against Nakamura's 2 rooks, game over.

  7. Did anyone else see the diary of a wimpy kid cameo

  8. Where can I find those exact pieces? I like the style. Please respond!

  9. Why can't the King just move forward?

  10. that clapping and incessant kibitzing needs to stop

  11. Damn I live by here butt just started playing chess

  12. Cant be trust nakamura can win with caruana maybe just luck

  13. Was anybody else extremely annoyed by the guy commenting on the game while they were playing? Extremely rude!

  14. Becouse this Bob Fisher prefer play without public

  15. Wasn't that Parimarjan Negi, to the left of Naka?

  16. This is why I love blitz! The sound of the chess clock then you press it, i miss it..

  17. Meanwhile the kid with diary of a wimpy kid

  18. The kid in the front trying to comprehend what ist Happening

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